What is the meaning of life?

There must be something more which my soul is dying to find.  When nothing matters anymore, what matters? When you dont even care about anyone, how to get rid of this black huge hole? Is there light out there , is there life out there

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  • i think it means we must try hard to attract the Satisfaction of the God. 

  •  Dear Sumeyra,  
    " there must be something " i think you have answerd your questions .
    human life is meaningless without dreams and ambitions to be done.

    hope you find what you are looking for, i know its not something easy to get but it deserves   
    all your efforts.


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  • This should be the biggest question for humankind, but unfortunately it is not....:) but if someone really want to know it, then definitely he/she will....

  • The meaning of life for me is... when I can be useful for others. 

    I make others happy even for a smallest thing

    That will create a meaningful feeling by that.

  • Sümeyra, hello :)
  •        Woow, your words attached my heart in so much I read them several times. Well done!! Anyway, I think every one of us has his or her special meaning of the life. In my eyes life is; a wonderful experience I get every morning when I wake up. Which gives me a great feeling to be grateful to be alive. God bless you. 


  • we've been told that this world is just a stop over or a journey

    we will live eternally in the next life

  •  It is up to every individual person to create a meaning or purpose in their own life then work towards fulfilling it No one else can do this for you  Life is not about the destination but the journey and the friends you make along the way The very search for meaning is what gives our life meaning So really the meaning of life is to find your own way to enjoy your life...

  • The live begin when we have plan
  • Don't think too hard and too far about the life after dying. Just enjoy the present time, do your best and share your love and knowledge with the others. Pay respect and give honour to our parents and our teachers. Without them, we can't be anyone. God bless
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