• Hmmm... let me think, I canceled my Netflix subscription last year... But I remember two series that I loved. I also cried shortly because of the ongoing drama. 
    One was 'Locke & Key' and the other one 'The Queen's Gambit'. If you haven't seen it already give it a try!

    • I never would have imagined that you would suggest me to watch something on Netflix... Interesting :P

      Thanks for the suggestion; I don't have Netflix, Hbo or any of these platforms, but yeah, obviously I've heard about these series you mention.
      I admit that I'm finding very amusing to observe all this 'fever' for series from the distance: From time to time, I suddenly find ppl getting super interested about 'random' subjects like chess, Chernobyl disaster, british monarchy or creepy stories of zookeepers' business. Then I find out it's 'cause of a serie, so everything will be forgotten in few weeks, and people will start talking' about other issue.  And I can't help but feeling a mixture of fun and fear for how easy would be (or it is) for these platforms to manipulate stuff and make us believe and get obsessed for any issue they would want.  It is extremely easy to manipulate emotionally the human being, and all these new platforms have mastered that.  
      But oh well, this is just an old story...


    • I've never felt any fever for a movie or series... I was ill, I was bored and those series are good, I loved watching them. Nothing more to say. 
      Anyways, the Queen's Gambit is for me much more about female emancipation, drug abuse and a critical view on growing up... Yes, they played chess as well. ;)

    • I was talkin' in general, not you personally.

      And I also love to watch any stuff (even trash) when I'm feeling bad or sick. That's good. I guess.


    • I know... but I like to state my opinion about those series. I think Netflix has some nice to offer when you like watching TV. Also many interesting documentaries... 
      But since I'm healthy again I like to do other things again.

    • ı've never seen like "the queen's gambit" ı love this series. I think it is so gripping

  •  ...btw the never ending story movie is better than the book.

    • I can't tell, 'cause I haven't read the book.

      But, in any case, books and movies' language (= way to tell a story) it's different.   So it is a 'bad habit' to keep comparing book vs movie version. But I know comparisons are hard to avoid.


  •  Every time I watch a speech of my (our) president on TV. I can't help it 😭

    Ok if it doesn't fit you I remember the serial 'vivir sin permiso' Not bad one to be a  Spanish one.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I've heard that one it's not bad, but I really watch very few series (none, if you ask me now) 
      I guess I have not yet been infected by that fever of watching series that everyone seems to have in recent years.

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