• You all nice
    • nice reply Mohammed.


  • If you do good for someone, it is always good to be with you, why do not they want to be in any form.
    • I don't know i do good for everyone and never think to hurt others... but its true people comes into our life and go. specially we hurt most by those people who is nearest in All..

      • It is true. And the most painful thing for us is to be hurt by loved people.

        But I don't think they want to hurt us. They just have another point of view about life. They try to be good and do the best for us. The reason is misunderstanding between people. 

        • misunderstanding only arise when both have lack of trust on each other.

          we should trust on the person whom we love, care most...:P

  • Life is very intrestng, nd gamble
    Always ready to smeone who needs help u.
    • thanks for advising sourabh..

      i am trying to help others specially who needs help...:)

  • Accept life as it is. Things hardly go according to the plan as we have in our life.

    Our life is like a river, winding through the landscape, straight for a while but then suddenly turning. Sometime it is dry in summer, sometimes it is overflows in monsoon and rest of the time just normal flowing. Accept yourself with all your faults. Accept others with all their faults. Your relationship are never gonna be perfect. People will come in to and go out of your life. Some will stay for a long time and other for a short while. In the end you are alone. ACCEPT IT :) this is life

    •  thanks sweety ...pi got your point. one thing make me sad. if people come in our life for make us alone (i mean they come into our life and go).. then why they come..:(

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