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  • i found this images today.  so i am sharing or posting this images here


  • oh Camel. thanks for you Comments. you right.. we should live in current time. and must think Positive/hope about future, and just remember the happiest memories of past, not sad memories which make us sad..

  • I don't know if there is a main reason for our lives. Life is a journey in which every person have to learn the best path. We face ups and downs, and we have a lot of goals, but in the end, most people just want to be happy.

    • Joseane there must be any reason behind our lives.. you said we face ups and down, may be reason behind life, how we people deal with these ups and down in our life, because these ups and downs come in our life as a test/exam.. 

      • Hi Elf,

        I don't know if the bad and good things we go through in our lives are a test. A test for what?? Of course, these moments are important for us to develop, to learn. But even if you are the best person in the world you are going to face both situations. Let's think about these situations as tests. How do we know we failed or passed? 

        I rather think I have to live my life and do the best I can to do good things, to make who I love happy, and contribute somehow for other's happiness, and I was almost forgetting, of course, I want to be happy as well. What I don't believe is that every person has a specific role, something like destiny. I don't know if I was clear. Did you get it??

        Thanks for your reply and bye!!

        • thanks Joseane.. now i got your view you are right.. :) !!!  if every person just focus on the happiness of his/her self and the try to makes others also happy... then i think 50% of problems can be automatically solve. i am right..???

          • I honestly don't know Elf!! :) "Don't worry and be happy" is not as simple as it seems, but I try to do the things I wrote. The problems are not going to solve automatically, but at least, when I lose someone I love, I will not regret the time I spend with them.
            Maybe I will realise at some point there is something lacking, and if this happens I will evaluate what I'm doing. Anyway, I think each person has to create his/her own path. 

            • yeah you are right its really difficult to not worry and remain happy. but at least you can try to be happy.. and its also difficult to forget that person whom you love most but if he/she leave you for no reason then he/she, then its better for you to forget her/him in no time i know its also difficult to forgetting someone but if he/she leave you then what the meaning of worry for him/her;
              thanks for replying. 

              • Hi Elf. Last time I'm bothering you. :) Yes, if someone chooses to leave me, that's ok, I will just suffer silently for a while. But, I was thinking about my family and friends that unfortunately are going to pass away someday.

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