• Dear samakida ,

    I think many types of thing are important for us in our life , but they all are vary topic to topic 

      exactly on which topic you want to know .

    • what kind of good idea .... some one say all of your life you be sad and hard to live but  Last breath happy it mean you are happy and don't worry to  die ....

      • Dear samakida ,

        Yes you are that we should not worried to die , death is only truth of our life and we have to procure it. 

        But samakida in the next word I would like to say that we should invent charm in our life to enjoy every moment of the life . we should love to each human being , person , male & female , animals , birds and nature also , then you will feel a unique cheer and satisfaction in your life

        waiting for your reply in this matter

        • of cosue ... I just live here and now .... do what I want do and forget it not need to missing it...

This reply was deleted.