• Dear Camel, thanks for your nice comment. A leader arouse from people therefore he or she can understand people better.

    dear Chitra, thanks for your comment. You are right a leader should have so many good features in order to be able to lead people, but if your father is a king that would suffice to be the next king.:D

  • Dear Icha, thanks for dropping your comment. As you said a leader should lead us to the right path. 

  • Dear Mohammad, pictures elaborated the topic enough. Thanks for sharing it here. God bless your leader. 

  • Dear Reza, thanks for your nice explanation. Of course it doesn't matter which name we call them, actually their deeds matter most. If they think of their people, if they try to do their best for their people we can call them good leaders and kings.

  • King is a person who their commands must be obeyed without a question or rejection, we only can saying yes or punishment if ignoring their orders. In this case more properly use word 'boss' than king. I saw many pro and contra debating this word.

    Leaders who person will leading, encouraging us to achive our goals, if he/she giving an command then he/she will give us a right direction how to do it correctly if necessary.

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    The difference between a king and a leader is exactly the difference between a boss and a leader.


    God bless my Great Supreme Leader .
  • Dear Mishaikh, thanks for your meaningful sentence.

  • Dear Sophia, thanks for taking part in this discussion. Nobody needs to kneel in front of anybody. Debates and discussions are like that; we are not supposed to accept others ideas or try to make them accept ours. The question that if leaders suppress their opponents and they also wants others to follow them and obey them, then what would be the difference between leaders and kings or dictators came into my mind a while back. I had so many great comments here related to the subject. I got that a leader would remain a leader if let others follow him or her by their own choice and willing not by force, otherwise he will be a dictator.

    If you asked my opinion about your discussion with Mohmmad, i should say every country has its own rules and restrictions. My country is not an exception. There are some rules or policies that i disagree about my country but I hope through the time we can get better and make a great country.

  • A leader guides while the kind rules.

  • Dear Sophia, thanks for participating in this discussion. Dear Mohammad seems to be so good at discussing the topic, so have a nice discussion.:D

    Dear Amal,  a leader would be loved by his or HER people but a king mostly is feared not loved. Thanks for your comment.

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