What God thought about Women when created?

Hi all, 

You may feel crazy after reading this article. These are questions based on the actual things in the world. World means just not only educated guys like us but also many in the world not having a chance to attend any sort of education. 

Generally  men is ruling the world(Most) and women is supporting him. Most of the countries woman depends upon man for anything even in developed world too. On return, woman will take care of family, grow child and meet men's sexual desire(Woman's sexual desire too rarely- world is not just developed world). 

1 Why God created woman week(not always-generally)  but beautiful?

2. Most of the attack against women is due to sexual desire of man, Why God gave attractive body to women? 

3. God gave beautiful body to women for survival if nothing is working for her?

What you think ?

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  • just educated guys like you !  How come ?...Can I see your certificate ?

    Discrimination was roughly 50 years ago.. But Not now !

    as a conclusion I participate to the point of view of Arif....

  • You're right! I feel crazy now... Beam me up, Scotty!


  • If you measure weakness of women with height, then what about those men who are shorter than women.? 

    Women can endure more sufferings than men which shows women are stronger than men. Women undergo severe pain while bearing a baby. 

    If God didn't give her attractive body, then the world was already rolled back at the beginning and no furhter growth of population. Resultantly, no one could put this question on English Club ;D

  • Hello

    Women are not the only weak members of any society, children and elders are weak too. People know that and they do their duties, adults take care of children, youth take care of elders and men care for women.

  • Hi.....

    Iam not fully agree with ap suku.But now days men and wemen are equal. Most of them are hard workers and multi-taskes 

    Most of the developed countries are also not men depended women and every women has equal rights due to some cultures there are not dear to do work.... 

    And don't blame the god here is all are equal in my opinion if you want to something do it in own ok...

    1. All strength is in your hand so don't feel we are week

    2. This is cruel i agree most of the attack ate happened to women only.

    3 women means beautiful thats it.. 

    Guys this my inner feeling only i don't rest of them.

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  • Is this for real?....


    Quick! someone pass me right now a bucket to puke!.... or I'd do it all over this post...

  • The same pointless blog as a discussion? You won't let it go now, will ya? Man! This is dumb.

  • Excuse me for my typos, I did comment through mobile. 

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