What does it mean to respect the opinions of others? I want to give an example. Imagine my god is a cow. I worship the cow every day. There are scrad months and days in my religion. But my brother has a different opinion. His god is a pigeon. He also has scrad months and days for himself. He believes that the followers of the cow religion go to hell because the cow eats more than the pigeon (Well, he thinks so). My sister is against both of us. She does not believe in God. So far, so good. The problem starts when we want to write our opinions and beliefs on the wall of the house. I believe my god is bigger than a pigeon, so I have to write on more walls. My brother believes that the roofs are for him, because his god can fly. And we both believe that my sister will go to hell because she doesn't believe in God at all. Is it possible to live in such a house?  Now take a look at EC. Imagine blogs and discussions like the walls of a house. Don't you see religious signs and writings everywhere?  My family is Muslim and I was born into a Muslim family and I love my family. My friends are often Muslims. For me, Muslims, Christians, Jews and atheists are no different. The criterion for the legitimacy of a belief is not the number of believers. I'm just saying PLEASE don't write your religious and political opinions on the walls of this website. I'm not EC admin but I'm a member; If you write about your political and religious opinions, I will write my own too. Respecting the opinions of others does not mean that you have the right to write anything anywhere. Respecting the opinions of others means keeping your opinions to yourself.

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  • I really don't know why some of the members here are attacking Babai. I don't understand the hatred that is now coming up to him.

    As I understand it, he was just trying to say that we are all equal and that nobody should demand more space than others.
    He was just asking for more respect for those members who also believe in God (or not at all) but belong to other religions or denominations but don't talk about it all the time here on MyEC...

    In this sense, I understood the parable of the walls of the house.
    If someone wants to dominate everyone else in the house, it has nothing to do with respect. It will only lead to strife.
    If you demand respect from others, you must also show respect for others yourself.
    The "house" of MyEC should show a picture of everyone, it should not matter which religion, race, or belief ... equal rights and enough space for each of us.

    Just look at all the discussions and blogs... You will understand his parable better... You will see which posts dominate over which religion.
    I really wonder why you can (or want to?) get it so wrong.

    I did not notice many members who write comments full of hatred and irony about Islam itself but about the number of these kinds of posts. Just look at the last ones!

    One more thing: If we write and discuss in a foreign language (English is that for the majority of the members here), it can lead to misinterpretations ... don't you think?



    • I agree with Iris. I also cannot understand why some so furiously attack  babai, after all , all he intended to say was that we all should not stigmatise people for their belief.

      It seems that some intentionally misread his intention to gloat about their belif and derive malignant pleasure by maliciously rubbing thier belief onto people's eyes. It was said here that such religion motivated threads should be ignored.....welll....what if I do not wish to have my eyes rubbed with other people's beliefs? Moreover, the chat regulations say to avoid religion and politics as not to irritate others... and khalas!

  • Finally , to be honest it hurts me a lot when some members here attack Islam in the English Club . Whenever, a muslim member post a blog about Islam . They can choose to ignore the blog but some writes comments full of hatred and irony . While they claim to be open minded or civilized . It's against the rules of this site to write topics about religions , politics or sex , which is a wise decision . Members who don't like to read such topics can complain to this site moderators . Without leaving their bad words under the blogs . This is true respect from my own point of view

    • This is exactly the problem. You say that Muslims and everyone has the right to write their beliefs on EC and on the other hand, you say that if someone writes against Islam, it hurts you ??? There is a conflict in this argument. My opinions are against all believers. If you have the right to write your Islamic beliefs, I have the right to write my own. and you say that if someone attacks Islam, you will be upset !!! You (believers) like to say whatever you want, but others don't have the right to say anything that hurts you! I also get hurt if I read religious writings every day. Why did you turn EC into a mosque? It hurts me. As I wrote in the text above. The criterion for the legitimacy of a belief is not the number of believers. Do you think that all people's beliefs are limited to Islam, Christianity and Judaism? No, there are beliefs that are against all of you, and their beliefs may hurt you.

      •    Well  , you might not read all my comments on your discussion  . I have said that I am against writing  religious   , political  or sexual  topics  here  . Which is the wise decision of this site not tackle  this areas  . Secondly  , this site won't  be a mosque at all . Because  , topics related to Islam are very few you can count them on your fingers  when comparing them to the list of daily blog post here  . I also suggested  that you can report  these Islamic  blogs  that you don't like to read and they can be deleted  . Third  , go a head and write about your  beliefs  no one is holding your hands  . 

              You have started  all this discussion about acceptance of  other people opinions  . That's what appears on the surface  " a door of mercy but behind  it is a way to turturment  "  While in depth you are surgercoating  your hate toward Islam .

           I am not here to debate or make this site a mosque  . What you don't know about me that I always  email  those who write Islamic blogs here to stop doing it here  . 

               Because  , this isn't the place for  it  for the reasons that you know and because  they put Islam under attack  . 

               I don't pretend  I don't have double  standards  . You can just ignore these Islamic blogs  that's it  . Or ask the admins to delete them in an eye blink . 

             However  , you and others  here yelling about this place will be a mosque  isn't  true  . Put your hands in a cold water  . There are no serious readers here . Most of the blogs aren't read or even seen and blogs related to Islam are mostly  read only by muslims  only . 

             I can swear  that didn't  read any blog  related to Islam here . Please  when you speak about tolerance  just mean your words  . 

            And don't write  a comment  without reading a religious  blog  no have asked you to write it . Don't annoy  others  .

            I can write more and say more and history  say a lot about muslims  suffering   or  Islamic  values   . But this isn't  my  mosque   and I know it 

  • When I first saw the title of your discussion . I thought that I am going to find a topic about the diversity of human thoughts and it's important to make a rich life for us all . On the contrary , your discussion is all about " the respect of other faiths and religion " . Let me speak from an Islamic point of view , which might shock you . In Islam it is totally forbidden to attack or mock other people faiths or what they chose to worship . Speaking about myself I won't try to attack others on the basis of their religion . However , people are doing it all over the world . Many wars , many horrible masscares even between among people from the same faith were committed through the course of history . " God has created them and they are trying to create God " according to what they won't . Mobs are driven to do horrible things in the name of God , and many religious men manipulate people through their religious zeal , just to achieve the worldly disdain desires . No matter , how different we are we can still live together and under the different colors of our skins the core color of us all is red .

  • If Stalin and Hitler could read your words, they would applaud  and congrats you,  too :D

    Look, Babai..  This is 21. cent..  It finished time of mentally ill dictators, who used to kill all those who dare to express own opinion, that thay dont like..  They used to be very frustated and paranoic about „others„  and „different“  that  they became mostrums who are responsible for death of milions people:  Stalin ( 20 milions) , Hitler ( 60 milions).. not to mention others..

    You talk about RESPECTING others opinion, but you would forbid ppl to express their opinion..  How generous   :D

    You see.. you should be more open minded person, cosmopolitan..

    You should be ready to meet other and different culture, customs, traditions, even religion, opinions, attitudes..  And after all, if you are asked, you can like it or dislike it.. you can agree or disagree,  without insult others coz of their opinion or belief..  That is characteristic of civilized ppl.. 

    As long as someone dont spead speach of hate for  other, it is ok..  It is democratic right..

    After all, it is always wise to know, what ppl have in their minds.. Coz, you will know  how to deal with such ppl, and what to expect from them, it can help you to convince yourself that you  are on right way, or it can help you to make some correction in your attitudes..

    You can talk also about your worship to cow, someone else can talk about ape-like ancestors.. It would be interesting to know what people think or believe, honestly..  As we have more different opinions and attitudes it is more interesting..  

    No need to be so paranoic of such topics..  „take you to heaven by force“ ?   Gosh :D  Hitler would say similar, if someone would dare to praise judaism , or other religion.. „ 'Others' are enemies“..  He was  pretty paranoic, too..   

    If someone talk about his family, it doeasnt mean he is enemy of your family.. if someone express love for his country, it doeasnt mean, he would attac your.. if someone express love for his religion, it doeasnt mean he attac your.. or he wants YOU to get in heaven.. come onn..  It you are center of world.. relax :)

    Look..  as you know more about ppl, all over the world, you develope your tolerance, openness, civility, humanity, empathy, understanding..  etc, etc..

    If you dont forbid yourself to meet others, you will  develope all opposite of those what i mention..  

    Good luck : )

    • Hello Ella, I completely agree with you, it´s good to see people defending the freedom of speech, congrats...

      Like you, I think this message is wrong, just because something doesn´t like me, nobody can write about this issue, they can´t write whatever they want... oh my god... 

      Now, I read the comments and most people like this message... you are the first one who disagree with this, thanks for show me, there are still tolerant people in the world... 

      Have a nice day Ella

    • Hello, dear Ella. I really appreciate you, but what the hell do Stalin and Hitler have to do with this? To be honest, I'm quite shocked and disappointed by your interpretation. Until now I've always known you as a moderate member of MyEC.

      I just hope that you have read and interpreted this blog completely wrong. Read it again carefully this time, and you will find that it does not spread hatred, but on the contrary, Babai compared MyEC in his parable to a house where people of different faiths live.
      Babai asked us not to write our religious or political opinions on the wall of the "house" of MyEC. I completely agree with him,  because it destroys peace.

      Do you know? There isn't anything wrong with discussing politics and religion because it broadens your horizons, but here in My EC is not the right place for it. English isn't the native language for most of us, so it comes to misunderstandings.

      Not to discuss politics and religion is one of the rules of this club ... by the way.
      As we have to see now, there were reasons for this rule.

  • Hi, babai, nice topic. I enjoyed to get to know your imagined family. ;-)
    Damn, am I going to hell, too?? Yeah, I was expecting that, my parents always told me that I'm a devil. So, I guess I will feel perfectly fine there. :-)) 

    For me means 'respecting other people's opinions': 
    1. Listen what the other person is saying till he/she has finished. 
    2. Trying to understand what they meant with that. (But I'm allowed to disagree) 
    3. Stating my own view on the subject. That means I answer once, and might clarify some things after this, but after that this is done for me. 
    4. I don't try to convince other people that they should think or feel like me. Nor do I open the next subject with the same topic to repeat the process.
    Respecting my own opinion means to me:
    1. That I'm allowed to state my own opinion, no matter if the other person is: older (100 years), a teacher, a parent, a supervisor, my boss, from a different culture, a king, or some prophet. 

    The only reason why I'm biting my tongue here (most of the time), and withhold myself from commenting on religious lectures and the few politically/religious motivated threads, is that I respect the people that are believers, and are not doing it. Only because of them and for no other reason. I wouldn't keep my mouth shut if I had a face to face conversation with those people. -  Occasional greetings on feasts and festivals are something different of course. 

    Greetings! :)

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