What does it mean to respect the opinions of others? I want to give an example. Imagine my god is a cow. I worship the cow every day. There are scrad months and days in my religion. But my brother has a different opinion. His god is a pigeon. He also has scrad months and days for himself. He believes that the followers of the cow religion go to hell because the cow eats more than the pigeon (Well, he thinks so). My sister is against both of us. She does not believe in God. So far, so good. The problem starts when we want to write our opinions and beliefs on the wall of the house. I believe my god is bigger than a pigeon, so I have to write on more walls. My brother believes that the roofs are for him, because his god can fly. And we both believe that my sister will go to hell because she doesn't believe in God at all. Is it possible to live in such a house?  Now take a look at EC. Imagine blogs and discussions like the walls of a house. Don't you see religious signs and writings everywhere?  My family is Muslim and I was born into a Muslim family and I love my family. My friends are often Muslims. For me, Muslims, Christians, Jews and atheists are no different. The criterion for the legitimacy of a belief is not the number of believers. I'm just saying PLEASE don't write your religious and political opinions on the walls of this website. I'm not EC admin but I'm a member; If you write about your political and religious opinions, I will write my own too. Respecting the opinions of others does not mean that you have the right to write anything anywhere. Respecting the opinions of others means keeping your opinions to yourself.

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  • Oi babai, joon

      Be welcome to my house, the walls are all yours. If I wield my shamshir, it will be only in your defence.... from an aggressive and verbose Amazon...... ;-)  

    • hahaha. You are a real Persian, not the Mullahs of Iran.


    I don't think it's about Babai's parable anymore that we are discussing here but about the comments, whatever we think about them, whether we agree or not. It's about who is right or wrong.

    No one can tell us that, and no one is fully right or wrong. There is always something right and something wrong as well in everything, isn't it?

    Everyone reads and feels a written text differently because it depends on how we read and interpret it ( or want to). It's about how personally upset, offended we are, or how much we see us vindicated.
    We should know that people will never find a common way to agree on everything.
    We don't do it when we speak, face to face, in our mother tongue, with the same societal and cultural background. Now tell me, why should it work here?

    Nobody likes to leave their point of view because everyone thinks to be right, so everyone insists on their opinion and belief.
    There is nothing wrong with it. It becomes just alarming and questionable if people insult each other personally.
    That's how real conflicts arise from discussions.
    That may quickly happen when emotions are running high, and there is hardly a way to bring this discussion to an acceptable end for everyone.

    By the way, opinions and beliefs are always personal. They are not facts carved into stone.

    As far as I am concerned, I am ending my participation in this discussion with immediate effect. Not because I'm cowardly, hurt, offended, or unable to respond. It's just that certain statements in certain comments make it impossible for me to react reasonably and calmly without losing my temper. If one or the other feels addressed, it doesn't matter.


  • Dear OM and Rose Iris this my post should go on his reply to Rosemary, but mistakenly I put it as new reply..   If you read this his words, maybe you understand my answer :

     „This is exactly the problem. You say that Muslims and everyone has the right to write their beliefs on EC and on the other hand, you say that if someone writes against Islam, it hurts you ??? My opinions are against all believers. If you have the right to write your Islamic beliefs, I have the right to write my own. and you say that if someone attacks Islam, you will be upset !!! You (believers) like to say whatever you want, but others don't have the right to say anything that hurts you! I also get hurt if I read religious writings every day. Why did you turn EC into a mosque? It hurts me. As I wrote in the text above. The criterion for the legitimacy of a belief is not the number of believers. Do you think that all people's beliefs are limited to Islam, Christianity and Judaism? No, there are beliefs that are against all of you, and their beliefs may hurt you.“

    I have already gave my answer in previous posts.. You are free to disagree..

    To be honest, I could also say i am bit dissapointed with some things, too..  Thats all part of human.. As long as we talk, we will have agreements and disagreements, we will be impressed and disapointed, we developing ourselves and I am happy for it..  And I am glad you expressed your dissagreements.. Problem is when we dont know anything about each other but we pretend we respect each other..

    First thing what i noticed in this post is next :  All what this writter would have for say,  would be something AGANST religion .. I wonder why he would not share his opinion about some topic without mentioning God or believers.. Religious ppl here talk about their opinion, without talking AGANST  someone.. But, it seems all what he has to say is AGANST.. Nothing own.. Thats pretty poor.. If muslims write blogs AGANST some other religion or some  culture or customs, i would say same..  

    I spot some blogs here lately as fasting in some month.., something about ramadan , about muslim eid, about way of reading Qur'an..  

    I wonder,  how one civilized person can feel  fear of such writting? And how someone can agree with his expressing fear or hurting?  What is in some person that he feel hurt reading about other culture, religion or customs?? From where comes such paranoia?  I really wonder..

    Wouldn't  some modern , cosmopolitan person like to know about others?  

    Why irony about turning EC into mosque? Why to applaud on such irony?  Why irony „they wants us to take to heaven by force?“  and applauding on same?   With one eye wink?  Why you visit, at all, blogs that you have not interested in? To provoke? Why?  Why to provoke instead of writting about own „mosque“  or  your own „God“ , or your own „rituals“  what ever it is for an atheist..  

    Thats why i asked... Whats wrong?  Is that what you learnt about „respecting others“  ? Is that what you are going to teach me about  „respect others opinions“  .. If you are not able, as an open minded person,  read about different culture, without fear od getting hurt, then dont be so brave to leave some irony coment what has nothing related to topic..  Just skip or report..

    Next..  why feeling hurt if one religion is „dominates“  among  blogs ? „All religion should have same rights“ . Who is aganst it?  If you write about yours religion or atehism, agnosticm , or anything else.. , you would see that you have same huge place for writting as much as that „dominant“ religion do.. Why you blame one religion for taking some place? Arent all have same opportunity to write? Why dont you use it? Who stop you?

    I am not against rule of MyEc, where is clear to not talk about religion or politic, although I dont share such opinion..  Personaly, I would be glad to know about some rituals in hinduism or budism, as i have never met in my life such person.. I know more or less about islam or christianity or atheism, but not too much about judaism.. so i would feel happy to know about theirs religion attitudes and customs.. It would be interesting also to know more some sects.. Ofc, all of those believers may be have not some convincing answer and  maybe i would not like everything what i hear.. And, yes, i agree when Rose says, it can be some misunderstanding coz of using English, which is not our mother language, but, it is also way for learn..  Thats my opinion.. 

    However, i think, beauty is in differences.. : )

  • Babai.. if you are an atheist, then try to be worth to take it name, and present atteism on right way.. I know many atheists who are able explain their attitudes without insulting others.. To be honest, always respect them so much , talk so often and i have  learnt from them so much..

    But..  you ?  You say „My opinions are against all believers.“  - is that atheism?  Gosh :facepalm:

    As an atheist, you should present your atheistic view about some issue, without mentioning God or believer's attitudes..  Is that some problem?

    Dont you feel shame of yourself, that you promote atheism as is just based on attacking believers who have answers that you dont like, while you dont have any answer, at all?? 

    Yea, maybe some believers dont give some good explanations, maybe they dont give some convincing answers, but at least, they have some answers.. But you dont have any, except  making jokes of those who have some answer, after all..

    So, you give impression that atheism  is just blabbering here and yelling if some religious people explain their point of view or praise their God?  Truly atheists would shame of such ones..

    After all, as you have no atheistic answers, no  atheistic rituals, no anything worth to say, you have nothing to write about anything.. And,  as you dont have anything to write or you dont KNOW to present atheism on right way, you would like forbid to all others to talk , too??

    What kind of person you are??

    And that speech .. as muslims occupied MyEc, and you, poor one, have no place to share your  opinions and beliefs  : D   ( As you have some other opinion then negation believer's opinions and undresetimating them..  ) ohh gosh ..

    MyEc  is not an wall, stop imagining..  Virtual walls can not be spent, so easy..  

    And it hurts you coz myec is as mosque.. pffffff hahhaha : D

    Stop be paranoic, as  Hitler and Stalin were..  or seek for help...

    • Well, even I can't keep silent.

      Dear Ella, with all my humble respect and appreciation to you, you are also right from your point of view. But....Honestly, I don't see any single word where Babay offended or insulted any of the religious people? 

      And he clearly explains that he is a Muslim, and all his friends and family as well...What, personally, I see here...is that he expresses nothing else but a common view to the point. Religion and Politics...are two topics where people will always find why to fight and how to misunderstand each other JUST because their belief is different. So did they here. One more proof.

      Please, do not try to read between lines. Rose and Rys...I go with you. Thanks for your comments. 

  • What???? You are wrong definitly and maybe some persons. In my opinion. God is absolutly wise and people associate humans things than are not of god. If people'll see the wonderful things than can do with his word. It'll answer questions about If god exist and other because I can see things than neither human could do.

    • I'm in agree with you but there are thing that people are not in correct, nobody knows the true but We know that God is good.

  •     I think that your pick the wrong title for your discussion  . It should be " religious tolarence  " 

    Because  , when it comes to the matter of believes  . There no opinions  to discuss  ,  accept   , modify  or change  . We need to tolarete  other people believes  . As you know must faiths are dogmatic  . 

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