What does it mean ?

Hello everyone ! 

I hope you all are doing good. I've noticed a badge on my profile pic. I like it. But sometimes it disappears suddenly and re appears. 

What exactly this badge is for ? 

Can somebody tell me about it? 

Thanks :) 

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  • Lol ,Hello Dear SNR....I think You didn't read my discussion article which was written about this topic..  Those badges are the Noble Knight Badges ,Was give by the King Arthur, to the brave varriors...

    That's mean that You fought bravely on the war field and showed all your performance with your sword  and shild..... I know this way...But If you find another logical clue or any information please share it with us......Thank You...The Noble Knight Adriano ( Green Varrior Medal owner )

    • Hello, Dear Adriano! 

      Yes, I have read your discussion. Thanks for the information. Depending on our hard work ...lol I mean the activities here in EC. We have been rewarded with different badges. 

      Something new after release of new update of the EC.

  • May be it is for active members.  Appearing and disappearing may be because assigning is at an initial stage.  Admin may be  setting some definite program language for this purpose.

    • Hello Mishaikh! 

      Thanks for dropping by and giving your opinion. I think it has something to do with how frequently a person visits EC and the activities a person is involved in. 

      You have got a different badge now :)))

  • And now I don’t see it

    Google sleeping?

    • Hello Joseph! 

      I don't see it on other members' profile pic as well .

      So I can say I am not an odd woman out :D 

      Google might be sleeping :))))

  • Thank you, Joseph and Mohammad, for your reply. :)

    @Fizzy, if that is the case then I should not have this badge :P I am not active on ec these days as I was before :))) thanks for dropping by :)

  • It's really hard to say, isn't it? Maybe it's one of those Google algorithms...

  • Hello there,

    Maybe it means you are an active member...

    i've noticed most of the old members have it.

  • It means that you're the chosen one!

    But god is very indecisive, so sometimes it's like 'Uhm... okay, SNR deserves it!'.   And other times it's in a worse mood and it goes like: 'Uhm... nah, not this time'. 


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