Everyone of us have wishes and dreams or the goals we are after.Sometimes we really achieve our goals and even some of our dreams come true.We celebrate our victory or enjoy the change or achievement.But after sometimes we get tired of same thing and we look for a change.So what do you think about a perfect Life?How much happy you are in your life or how satisfied you are with your current routine.....Do you think you need a change?

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  • Hello Syed, what a thoughtful idea to be discussed.

    For me, a perfect life is any conditions that can make me be grateful. I am grateful for being sad, happy, hopeless, joyous, anything. Because, as you said, sometimes we really achieve our goals and even some of our dreams come true, sometimes we don't. As long as I can overcome any encumbrances, there is my perfect life.

    And yes, I always need a change, totally agree with what Heraclitus once said: the only thing constant in life is change.

    Good luck for you!

  • Being a human being by itself is forced to have your own wish every time. however, those who wish to have all the best things in the world is become true in their life become unhappy while knowing it couldn't happen. On the other hand those who wish based on the reality could be better happier. But, those who win their wish is the one who have happy  life.

    This may be impossible in the eye of the world but possible in the eye of believers who have faith on it.

  • According to my opinion when we called my life is perfect when our desire is full filled at a time what I want.Second thing is that live happy in your life, when we feel I'm not fully satisfied what I have then compare to others life those who are going to conflict with theirs life then that time you will feel relax and comfortable.In This modern era every wants to become richer and richer that's why life is going to competitive.
  • for me,perfection isn't existed.

  • Perfect life mean to me?...i can say my life is perfect and am contented sister and a daugther to my mother..we are five siblings and lives far away each other,only onces a year we reunited but we never feel the distance nor miss each other because we still feel the warm of our presence.my family is unique,i have 2 half sister from my mom's first family but we never see any difference our love as one blood is there always :) Thats a perfect life to me.
  • Hi:-)Live is good but every day work Home and Live becomes monotony
  • The perfect life is an illusion. It only exists in one's mind. That is, if we expect certain things and our life enables us to attain them, then our life by our measurement is perfect.

    When we want things that we cannot have, we become unhappy and our level of perfection drops off.

    The most important thing for all of us is to make the most of the life we have and our circumstances. If we do that we should be happy and fulfilled and therefore close to achieving what, for us, is a perfect life.

    If we spend our lives always wanting something we haven't got, we will always be discontent and unhappy.

  • I happy more my life thanks my lord , i doing daily what i live and like ,so i happy .^-^ thanks my loard
  •      My friend, who has a perfect life????? Our life is full of contradictions. And if we try to figure them out, be sure that, we will drive ourselves to be crazy. So, don't do this mistake. Any way my friend, all what I can tell you about my life is; I always looking for a reason to put a smile on my family and my friends' faces. Be sure my friend that; there is always a reason to smile, find it. God bless you my friend.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts 

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