What do you think of abortions?

My views are:

It is right of parents to decide what they want.

It is right of parents if they are ready to welcome if the baby has disabilities diagnosed before birth.

So abortion should be a right of parents. 

Personally I don't find it wrong if I am aware that kid has disabilities and I will go to for it. 

Looking forward to read what you think about it.

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  • So far I know , in  many cases, abortion brings  health related problems to the mothers. And, it is needless to say that they I mean mothers face mental problem too after having abortion. So, it is better if people do not go for it! But, yes there are some reasons when they are suggested to go through it. And, there is one more important point, what should people do,  if they get to know the baby is going to be a special child, right? Let me say, the special children need more care, of  course it is the toughest thing to handle. But, I know some ( they are not a few, be sure) special children later being able to get an almost normal life after a certain period of time. And, if not, the rest, at least can do many things themselves. Even some of them can draw or sing better than a normal child. Only a few of them become a life long burden.

  • Ella... if sb raped you, would totally destroy your life...would you enjoy raising a child with GENES of this rapist???
    Ella.. if you found out while being pregnant your child would be mentally retarded - which means you would literally sacrify your life to such kid (you wouldnt be able to work etc), you would invest a lot of money (btw where would you take them?) ...you wouldn't ever see any big progress just a baby slowly dying in front of you - which often happens... can you tell me ..is this humanity to give a birth to such a baby and let them suffer and die in pain?!!!!
    It is nice to talk in general about humanity but it is also good to put in this humanity a bit of REALITY...
  • I go with Ella agreeing with her opinion.
  • If we talk about abortion in generaly, i dont agree (exceptions are medical reasons or health of mother and baby, maybe)

    Opinion that parents have right to KILL own child is sign that ppl in 21cent. is same barbarians as they were before 1500 years, when ppl used to kill own daughters from similar selfish reasons..

    Your child is your child, no matter if is in your stomach our out.. It is one human being with own life.. Noone has right to take life of other one. If someone dare it we say for that person that he is KILLER. Being killer has never been virtue for normal people .

    what would be your reaction if your parent come to you one day and say i wanna KILL you coz i get bored to feed you, care about you, coz i wanna live my life..

    what a shame for humanity in 21 century.
  • Hi...yes is a sensitive topic...but really do you want to see full orphanages with this type child? I think not ..because after they grow up some of them became prostitutes or boys go in prisons.Take a look arround in world and you can see what happend.About babies with disabilities...if you find this at ultrasound you will continue with pregnancy??? Do you know what hell life can have this kind child?/ And after some time you fall in depress...so what's the point for keep this baby???Selfishnese? What can do this child after you die...when come your time??
    So let girls choose what they want ...and never ever judge them.I know society push people for doing many things ...things they do not want to do...but this is life..and we are human.
    I'm sorry I'm brutal honest and maybe some people get angry...but there is real life...in life everything is different....here we just show some thoughts.

  • Hi...yes is a sesnsitive discussion but ..than many children in orphanages ..is better it is better to do abortion.You cannot imagine what king life have these children..and in the future they become prostitutes and boys are in prisons.I know I'm brutal honest ..and is hard for to hear about it....but I can see many cases arround.And about disabilities...tell me who want a baby in this way? If you find it at ultrasound do you want keep this baby? First is a hell life for this child after in time you fall in depress...so let this girls for choose what they want ...let them free.And special are many men when heard she is pregnant..they disappear.

    I'm sorry if some people get angry but is the reality..just please take a look arround in world.

  • Dear Muskan, I am really glad to see such a discussion in this conservative surrounding. Sure, being a woman, I completely agree with you and I can add that my husband has the same point of view.

    It is only for a couple to decide if it wants to have a baby at the moment and first of all, it is for a woman. Despite cotraception, we are not 100% guaranteered against getting pregnant. And if it happens at the wrong time, we are free to be aborted. It is much better than to have undesirable kids. I sincerely believe that women should give birth to kids if she is really eager to have them being sure of her ability to raise them as it is.  Kids should not be just a matter of chance, a pure accident. Such kids will mostly stay undesirable and they don't deserve it. On the other hand, I am sure that being a mother is not a must for women. Some modern women don't feel like having kids at all and I am one of them. When I was young and said something like that, my friends replied I would change my mind getting older. But I have never changed it. If I had my kids, I would have never made my carrer and would have never been able to love men as all my love would be directed toward my kids. So, I feel no sorry. I am just glad to have avoided that heavy burdan. My husband feels the same.

    Well, I'd like to add if I were pregnant and I knew  that an embrio were not healthy and might have some problems after birth, I would immediately stop its existance. You may think I am heartless, but I would make him not suffer in fact.

    It is a great topic! Thank you!

  • Ella, My question was quite general and yes I added my opinion while thinking of general scenarios. 

    ella said:

    is your question about abortion generally, or abortion just in case of disabilities diagnose? and your opinion that "parents have right to decide what they want", means in just this case or generally?
    What do you think of abortions?
    My views are: It is right of parents to decide what they want. It is right of parents if they are ready to welcome if the baby has disabilities diagn…
  • Dear Shekhar, 

    Yes it is a tough decision for parents and true if they have decided such thing they know what they are going through, we can't judge it. 

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. :)
    Shekhar said:


    Of course, It is the right of the parents to welcome the new baby or not. 

    Yes, You're right. It is much better to go rather get a baby if the baby has disabilities, otherwise, it hurts life long. But it is hard to digest to its mother. She has so many dreams of her infant. But it is aborted her views if her hubby is against her. This is their life we can't judge, So they have full right to take a decision on their own by considering all.

    Thank you.

    What do you think of abortions?
    My views are: It is right of parents to decide what they want. It is right of parents if they are ready to welcome if the baby has disabilities diagn…
  • Quite true if parents feels they are capable to handle this responsibility psychologically and financially they can make a life possible even with disabilities. Nick Vujicic is a guy from Melbourne who doesn't have any limbs (no hands and legs) but his parents were capable to give him a healthy growing environment and now he is a motivational speaker and living his life happily with a wife and kid. 

    Thanks for sharing your such valuable thoughts and adding a lot more perspectives to look at this. 
    Rosemary said:

           When it comes to disable kids , and their right to live  i don't know what to say .

    But if both parents  are welling to take care of the baby .why not !!! Why don't they keep it . If both of them are finicially  secured  and have time to take care of a disable baby . For me , I find it difficult to take care of a healthy born baby . It's a big responsibility  . So, how will it be with a disabled baby this work will become more harder for sure  

    What do you think of abortions?
    My views are: It is right of parents to decide what they want. It is right of parents if they are ready to welcome if the baby has disabilities diagn…
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