• its a natural  and as well as social thing  .Its a part of human life .its a platform to get together boys and girls and start their life .moreover its way to start sex life and give birth of child where love start when they get married and continue in future till death.


  • Hello Tam, about your question, without a doubt marriage is a social contract, that´s all.

    I don´t understand why you need a "blessing", "ceremony" or whatever you want... you don´t need a license to show your love.

    Have a nice day, thanks for your time

  • Thank you for sharing your view.

  • Thank you for your comment. It could be in some countries and areas.

  • Very well commented Vinod!

  • Purpose of marriage is the union of two souls and the birth of a new relationship whose foundation is immense of love,trust and loyalty. Meeting of two souls who will stand with each other in all their good and bad days. It would be nice, if you could share Mr Joe's view with us :)

  • Thank you for your response.

  • Thank you for sharing your view.

  • There are many purpose of marriage depending on the priorities. Some marry to have a family while some marry to get peace. There are few people who marry for love. Some marry to keep their thoughts pure by confining himself/herself to the spouse.  

  • In my view marriage is necessary.  It is the physical, spiritual, and emotional essential requirement of all human being. (though in a way it also prevail in animals and plant), because Nature want us so.  Marriage makes a person balanced and normal.  (What wrong happens in some marriage life it is our own fault NOT THE FAULT OF MARRIAGE itself.

    Love does not diminish after marriage it gets settled.

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