Dear all my EC friends...

I want to feel you out about "Wedding Party".

You can see that people who hold a Wedding Party would spend a lot of money. Even sometimes they owe money to friends or even to the bank. The amounts of that money can be equal with money to buy car or a plain house. To see that they are a new couple, some of them have neither car nor house. Not to mention their daily need. Consider the money, what a about the poor and orphanage?

Have you heard there is a millionaire couple cancelled the big wedding party and change their plan to visit and share their wedding party cost to some orphanage?? They did.

Some people say it's once in life. So, to remind that moment, they should hold it at any cost. Else, just for tradition. (In Islam, I know at least we should let our neighbors and friends know about the marriage. Here, I talk about big wedding party which spend a lot of money)

My question is...
1. What is the essential of holding a wedding party?
2. Is it really worth to hold a wedding party? why?

Comments from married or unmarried people are very welcome..

I will be pleased to hear all your various opinions here..

Thank you very much, my friends.. :))

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  • Parents always want to celebrate the wedding party, to feel joy, and in order to boast by the party.
    The friends want the wedding party to have fun.
    I see that instead of the bride and groom spend their money on others, they should spend this money on home processing and the prepare for the arrival of children. If it was necessary to the wedding party, I would suggest that they can have a dinner at a hotel in the presence of parents of the bride and groom.
    My advice to you, do what you are satisfied with it. With my best wishes.

    • Hello Samuel,,

      Yes, you're right. Parents who usually want the wedding party be hold. You know, it's usually because of their colleagues, parents colleagues. They usually said "Hey, when will your daughter/son be married? Don't forget to invite me, ok?" (eventhough daughter/son are under teens) :D

      The second is friends. Yes, before we know when we will be married. Friends always message us to invite them if we're married. That makes us hold the party sometimes. :)

      Sure, I'll do what I will satisfied with, but anyway, the wedding party is a collective decision.

      Thanks for your best wishes, I'll back the wishes for you too. And thank you so much for sharing your opinion here, Samuel. :) 

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  • What I thought to write already wrote by jernej.yes jernej you are exactly need to spend unnecessarily .no need a big issue for a small tissue.
    • Halo Nimzaf..,,

      I see your philosophical statement there... "no need a big issue for a small tissue".

      Haha, I like it too much. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion here, bro.. :)

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  • Hello. Spendng a lot of money for wedding parties is not needed to have a nice party.

    I think the essential is to "show" to others their own status in their life. To invite family and some friedns I think is enough. 

    Is not needed to hold a party, one nice dinner is enouhg.

    The most important is to show love to the partner not to the invited ;)

    • Hello Jernej Cengle,,

      Things that make a party expensive is rent for place, wedding dress, and decorations. Yes, that's to "show" their own status.

      One nice dinner.... Yeah, agree with this... If you spend the money just for treating people, even for orphans. That would be good, I think. Hmm...sure the most important is to show the love to the partner. :)

      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion, Jernej. :)

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  • The wedding is a very important event in our life. And that's why we want to celebrate it with a wedding party. To celebrate the fact that we start a new life with the one we love. It is a tradition. This is the essential of holding a wedding party.

    There are many people who want a glamorous wedding party. Everyone has the right to spend his money as he want, especially for his wedding. Here in Greece, people don't spend a lot of money for the wedding party and especially the last years because of financial crisis. The average amount is around 5.000 euros but i have been in weddings where there wasn't wedding party and in weddings of some wealthy couples who didn't hesitate to spend around 10.000 euros or more for the wedding party. Also some people who don't have money at all they prefer to marry in the town hall. Something that i don't agree.

    And yes it's worth to make a wedding party. We speak about the wedding! But without excesses. For me, no need to spend so much money to celebrate your wedding. Close friends and relatives, good music, food and good mood are enough. I like to have a simple wedding, a normal one.

    To finish my answer, is something more than nice to have a wedding party in your wedding but if you can't do it, it is ok. Because the most important is that you are with the one you love and you are happy together.

    And good job to this couple. I also know a couple who didn't give bonbonniere but thank you cards, in which except of "thank you that you were here" it was written that the costs of these cards went to an orphanage for children.

    • I see, Elen.

      So many people will say that. "Important event in their life". But, now people are showy and glamorous for the wedding, that sometimes they don't even measure their own capabilities.

      Usually, the money they use for the wedding is belonging to parents or husband candidate. It's so lucky to be bride, then I take pity to the parents or husband candidate for spending the money, IF, it doesn't balance to their prosperity. I can see it if one have many higher social status friends, otherwise he/she is lower. He/she will be ashamed if he/she makes a small party.

      However, I know it's their choose, they have the right to make it big or small. I hope it will be a pleasant memories that give them a spirit to face the real life, after marriage, sure.

      "you are with the one you love and you are happy together" I like this.

      To tell you the truth,, it doesn't mean I won't hold a wedding party, I'd be just a bride, then final decision will be the parents and husband candidate .. :D

      Btw, what is "bonbonniere"? Thanks for sharing your great opinion here, Elen.. :))

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    • Nice topic for discussion Onee with many different opinions :) Bonbonniere are the sugared almonds inside a nice fabric or tulle. The couple give them to the guests exactly after the wedding, before the wedding party. It is tradition here. There are various designs, i show you a classical one :)


    • Elen,, it's nice to know the tradition there. Thank you so much again for your reply and giving such an informative comment. I'm really glad you're here.

      Hmm, I wish I'll get Bonbonniere someday. :D

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