All people arount the world know the english language importance in our life , because we need it in our work and some times when we meet other people from other cultur , may be they are not from britain ot america but we allmost think they are talking english . and we need it in the traviling to other countries. that is not mean our language is not importance i believe all the people loved them language . but the first language noe in the world is english language.

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  • Salam ya Hussein, ana ahib Alarabiya! I guess, it's an international language. I hope to be one of your friends. 

  • Want to make friends from different part of the world? Just learn English.

  • To know English, it facilitates our life. First, you can be promoted in your job or get a good job with good salary. You can find your information throughout Internet or read technological devices and so forth. Learning English also brings new opportunities and you meet new people! It's great, isn't it?

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