Hello dear MyEC friends,


What do you think about this new forum? Do you think, it would an additional way to help us learn and improve our English? Please do reply and share your ideas for improvement of the forum..


Thanks a lot in advance for your participation!

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  • HI Nida

    I think the forum is a good way to develop our English skills and a good way to communicate and exchanege comments ,ideas . I really start writing and expressing my views in this club.

  • Dear nido I think it’s a valuable addition to our beloved club:)
    It will make it more active as long as there are good topics which attract many members to speak and discuss in a civilized friendly way as (Nafis mentioned)
    And the part I like the most about this forum that Mr. President and Tara are spending more time with us ;) Hope it wouldn't be a "nine days wonder" ;)
  • we have all the infomation on our finger tips , through this club , Through the forum Nida  I feel the members are able to undersatnd  better of what  is  offered at  the club.


  • what will happen if too many EC member create new post in the forum with the same subject different words all over again?
    • Kill two birds with one stone.
    • Hello Fizzy, when I added this discussion there was only one discussion started by Mr.Josef titled "This is the first topic". I don't know about others but I didn't take my discussion content from any other member's discussion.


      About your question that what would happen to such a member, I think, administration is responsible for taking any decision in case such thing would happen.

  • Hi Nida


    I think it depends on our goal for being here. For example if we are here for learning English this new part can help us because making interesting the subjects that we want to learn has great influence on this process.

    Anyway I think it is a good part and I’m sure that we will see the other of its benefits soon.


  • Great topic, Nida!

    We need input from members to make MyEC better than before



  • I think it makes MyEC more vibrant and dynamic. wow! But, I hope we all can be tolerant and don't let different ideas or opinions make us apart or destroys friendship.
  • i DInt understadn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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