• Summer vacation means attending a Master's studies for hu hu.  Sad to say!
    • Hi anele! Attending Master`s studies is not a sad thing to do during summer vacation. It`s a challenging activity during summer because you can learn new things that will enhance your knowledge. Am I right?


  • Thanks Hana for sharing your favorite things you do most during summer vacation.
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    • Thanks sweet nikki for sharing the best thing you like during summer. Jogging and walking around the town early in the morning sounds a bit interesting during summer vacation. We can do these everyday. Would like to join me? How about we start after Holy week?
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    • Thanks for the invite to your place. I am not very familiar with your place. All I know about it is that it becomes part of USSR before and now is an independent country already. Is Caspian sea really a sea or a lake?
  • I like summer because this is the most carefree time in the year! So I can sleep so much that I want, go out with my friends to some parties and have fun there, travel in other сities to see my relatives and don't think about studing! And also in Russia summer is  the time when you don't need to dress a heap of clothes on you because the temperature is high approximately +30, but no -30 like in winter.
    • Thank you for your reply Ann. Here in the Philippines, we mostly experience dry season. So, the temperature is relatively high. But we get used to it. Mostly of the people here go to beaches just to cool themselves.
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    • very friendly and welcoming picture :)
    • I don`t know how I will address you. Can I call you Sir? Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the nice picture. You are right for saying that vacation is the time where most of the ones go to school are now free. And this is true for me because this is the only time when I can have the opportunity to stay in bed for a longer time and to spend more time with my family.
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