if you were in an International setting and had to choose a restaurant BUT couldn't choose your home country's cuisine.  Assume all the restaurants were excellent and authentic cuisine.


Cuisine = food from a certain area.  In this case I'm talking country so Chinese cuisine (shown), Thai Cuisine, Italian cuisine, Brazilian Cuisine ....... etc.

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  • wo xihuan zhongguoa kai! Excuse my broken Chinese. I like Chinese ones and I like to be one of your friends. Thanks for sharing.

  • I would cry if I do not get our food...lol but it is true! Okay, other than my cuisine, Indian (North Indian) and vietnamise cuisine.

  • I like trying all cuisines when travelling (oh sure, no choice always) but admit after some days I start missing Mediterranean food. 

  • Hi Tim,

    I don't know much about other countries' cuisines. However, after a bit of search, I'd like to try cuisines from neighbor countries. That would be likely not that weird on my tongue. DD

    Greetings from Indonesia.

    Thanks for your nice discussion.

    • Thanks for responding.  I've eaten Indonesian food and generally liked it.  I'd say I prefer Bali cuisine over Bandung cuisine as a general rule although my breakfast in Bandung was great.

      I'm the opposite of you - I'll try to try something I've never had before rather than something familiar if given the opportunity

  • Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Sri Lankan cuisine I love to eat. Some people call it Asian food, but each Asian country has its own cuisine, specialties, and even each region of a country.

    • Having lived in South Korea and China I can confirm each country in Asia has differnt food and in some cases even regions of countires.  I don't think I've had Sri Lankan

  • Ok EC says Zahra replied but I can't see the reply

    • That happens when people delete their accounts and posts... don't worry. ;) She wrote she would prefer food she knows like chicken, or even a Mc Donald's sandwich. 

    • Thanks

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