• that's why i remember it ... otherwise i won't have any memories 

  • Janny, it seems till now you like duck doll  :)

  • the best moments that I miss .. is when try to throw my bro from window from the 3rd floor ... and when trying to kill my sister with a pillow .. when hitting an old woman with a ball to her face ... please don't ask for more ... it was just FUN ... I like it so much .. :D

    • Oh my God, fortunately i wasn't ur childhood friend Ulti ;P

      But i think i must remind ur frens & neighbour now about it Ulti, they have to be careful with u when near the window, play a pillow or ball, even though she is an old woman, so they must have police phone number for their suddenly calling, hahaha... ^_^

    • No way! -_- 

      After reading yours, I think that we don't live our childhood yet. xD

    • believe me that was nothing ... :D I still remember too many awkward moments lol ... I think you really didn't live your childhood :D 

    • LOL! 

      Go ahead and tell us! I really eager to know. You have a black past. xD

    • why u describe it as black past :p ... it was really awesome ... i'll tell u one ... once my parents took me to hospital for medical help .. guess what was the problem ... I filled my nose with chickpeas ... :x ( disgusting but true ) ... I was lucky ... but the next day i tried it again :D and mom was angry and she applied chilly pepper on my nose ... if she wasn't there ... I would had a huge troubles later ... :D 

    • If you were my son, I would be crazy. :S 

      hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really feel pity on ur parents. :D 

      You should write a blog about ur childhood. It would be so interesting.

      What do you think about that ya Asma? xD 

    • Ymn Pearl blog is not enough to write about childhood,unfortunately Ulti did'nt liket,he said prrrrrrrrrrrrrivate and we should underline private here :(

      OK Ulti as you wish :D

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