What are your expectations?

With its ups and downs, the diminishing crawl of twenty-twenty one is coming. New babies were born and other people left us. With its remaining sweetness or bitterness, it is just leaving, and twenty twenty-two is coming. Any suggestions that might lead us properly? Do you expect any changes in our way of living?

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    •  Hallo Jeffree star, I like invention very much. Fiction and history meet at some points as you mentioned. Fiction depends on our imagination while history depends on past events. You can insert imaginary historian ones.  Sorry for the late reply. Bedankt Jeffree for your comment. 

  • Bahut bahut shukriya Mishaikh sahib. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  •  I think the most important thing is to hope for a better future right now and not to worry about something that cannot be undone.

    • Prvyet Augustina! I totally agree with you. We must hope for the better always. Thanks for your nice comment, and sorry for the late

  • Dara just try to follow the RIGHT PATH, as we are told and pray, EHDENAS SIRATAL MUSTAQEEM. (PLEASE LEAD US TO THE RIGHT PATH).

    • Bahut shukriya Mishaikh janab. Agar hum eyesa karega, koy be problem hain. Thanks for your straight answer. Sorry for the late reply and thanks.

  • no idea... i hope i will live well. 

    • Aku juga teman ku. Me likewise. I hope peace and tranquility will be all over the world. Am I hoping too much, Fizzy?

    • Terima kasih banyak Fizzy. Selamat tahun baru. Happy New Year.

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