I was born with a poor Family, We cant buy whatever we wanted because our money is just enough for our food..But even if we are poor ,and doesn't have all the worldly thing we are happy, Because We have a complete Family. I am always grateful of All the blessings that Gods given to me and to my family,and I am also grateful for all the trials that we had because without these trials we can never learn something.I am just reminded to be grateful whatever circumstances you have..

How about you? what are the things you are grateful for?

Note: Im sorry, Im just a beginner in writing in English, Sorry for the wrong grammar and the mispelled word.  Feel free to correct my mistakes and wrongs. Thankyou..


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  • Hmm... let me think about it. Right now I'm pretty grateful to have a roof over my head. I have more groceries than I can eat. I don't need to work physically hard and harm my health. Nobody is abusing me. I live in a very beautiful place. I've never experienced war or hunger. When I go out at midnight I'm safe outside. Well, and my internet is working. ;)

    Greetings! :)


  • My toaster.

    • It's been 3 years since this reply and I've to say that I'm still very grateful to my toaster. And also to my electric water kettle.


  • every time l grateful for all of things GOD give to me like health ,good parents,lovely sons ... and all of things GOD creation for us such as nature,water,sun...
  • Thats wonderful Raani. Thanks for your answer.. all the best for you and for your family
  • Thanjs for your encouragement Chitra.:)
  • Hi Porcupine, I´m thakful for my family and my health... I´m thankful for my friends, they´re few but they´re good persons.

  • You have written very well and will improve if you keep it continued.

    I agree with your view point, and I always thank to Allah for his blessings. 

    • THANK you for your comment sir.It motivates me to improve and to practice more in writing.. All the best for you..
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