Hello friends, I really need your opinion on this discussion.

I am one person who find it difficult in introducing my self briefly when ever i am on occasions and educational programs.

Now, i want to learn from you guys.. and i will appreciate if you guys show me the best way in introducing one self briefly.

Thanks, and I await your comments and suggestions


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    • Okay! Teacher Tara, I will.

  • Komala, it is an interesting question really for me and I find out  that I asked it to myself before you already ask it..BUt , up till now, I don't know the answer haha....

    • Hahaah omg!! yeah Rose, for me i get really confused on how to do a brief introduction about my self.

  • Really Sir?? okay thanks.

  • Hello Komala,
    I was about to ask to myself the same question you did... But you, you did it clearly and for all eyes to read it and now i think you found the best way to do your self introduction by asking this open question 8
    I know that my answer is not the answer you expected but i hope that all guys thought the same as me. 
    I am newbie there and you are the first one to help me to introduce myself, thank you !

    • Thanks

    • It isn't wrong to be corrected when ever you MAKE mistakes in writing. I always appreciate those who help me correct my mistakes when ever I post a blog. It tells me that, we all are here to help each other TO IMPROVE.

      My question is, How do I correct my friends when I don't even know whether they make mistakes in their writing or not?

      Because, I sometime wish to help. but I find it difficult, because I can't RECOGNIZE mistakes.

      For this you have to get yourself improved first. Presently it would be better not to correct. Just read how other SENIORS make corrections.

      I am writing this here, because I am not in your firend list.

    • OOh okay, thanks so much for your answers. I appreciate you!

    • You most welcome Sir, even though you didn't give me the answer i wanted but i appreciate your comment.

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