we laugh during our daily life many times. Some people rarely do that. Some people never laugh but they smile, others do not laugh or either smile. On the occasion of world laughter day, do we have to laugh, and are there any benefits from doing so?

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  • It gives energy to us

  • Laughter prolongs life, as for me this is the most important thing!

  • Mishaikh is right, one can google the benefits... but I actually think everyone should know or google them because it's really important for our psyche! That's why I hit the like button. So happy googling. :-P

    I love laughing! I think the world is already bad/sad enough so I enjoy every opportunity to laugh. Mostly I laugh about myself when I've done stupid things. Which is quite a lot. I giggle when I work in my garden (because it's fun) or wash my car (because I do it only once a year with rain water and very quickly which is soo not German!). When I'm sick or feel sad I watch things that I find funny and make me laugh like my favorite series. I like to smile but not at everyone! I always laugh or giggle when I write a ; -) , :-P or :-D    Too bad that not all people share my humor. :-D  I love having fun and laughing with my friends about the silliest things. I hope everyone finds reason to laugh every day at least once so hard he/she needs to hold their stomach. Greetings!

  • Yes laugh when it is required to laugh, but not unnecessary.  I laugh but very less, but smile a lot, but again, not always.  I smile when it is required to smile.  Serious faces frighten the onlooker.  

    The thinkers who become aware the reality of life, do not smile, because they see what we cannot.

    Medically, there are lots of benefits of laughter, which can easily by found on the Google.

  • Batashakur farawan Muhammad Ali! Thanks for your quick response and for pressing the like button.   

  • Thanks, Notaclue for pressing the like button.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading it. It is very good. This is interesting as well as very engaging. I couldn't stop until I finished it.
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