Some animals are used as symbols. Tigers and lions are often used as a symbol of strength. Condors are used in the national emblems of many South American countries. Strong animals are favored as national symbols. On the other hand, the image of foxes is bad. They are described as a tricky animal in many books, especially in Aesop's Fables. 

What animals they think a great deal of depends on the country. Cows are important in India, and dolphins and whales seem to be special animals in Europe and the U.S. In Japan, turtles are a symbol of longevity, and the fox is the familiar of the god Inari, who is the god of the rice plant. Humans have tried to gain something from animals since ancient times. What animals in your country have a special meaning?

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    • Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your reply.


  • In my country, Dogs symbolize wealth in some meanings, Chinese like to say dogs come( along with) richness, this usually happened in the case that a  strayed dog got in your home and seemed like to stay. The host of the home would say to his families: "Hey, he hopes to stay with us, let's raise him, he will bring us wealth."

    • Thank you for your reply. In Japan, cats have the meaning.

  • Well, there are three of them very popular and special in my country. We love them so much that we eat every part of one of them, we torture the other till death in a savage and abominable spectacle, and the third one we almost make it to become extinguished... Isn't spanish 'love' peculiar? :P 

    -The spanish bull (symbol of bravery) Sadly, it's very well known why this poor animal is a 'symbol' in my country. And the 'funny' part is that those who claim to love this animal as a symbol for the country are the ones who torture it till death in a bloody show that should have been already legally banned.

    -The black Iberian pig (wealth symbol) It's probably the breed of first pigs brought to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain). This pig give us our traditional Iberian ham.

    -The Iberian lynx. Is a wild cat native to the Iberian Peninsula that is now a symbol of the Spanish fauna. Is a very beautiful wild cat that was on the verge of extinction. But fortunately, there is a conservation programme that is saving the specie.


    • Hi, Mary. Thank you for your reply. Bullfighting is known as a Spanish traditional event around the world. However, some people seem to say that it is too cruel.

      I hope Iberian lynxes are not exterminated. Japanese wolf was exterminated about a hundred years ago because of overhunting.

  • Apennine Wolf for Italy, Pegasus For Greek, and the cock is for France....

    • Thank you for your reply. Pegasus! lol

  • Arigato Tam! The elephant. We like it a lot. It represents for us, power, patience, and peace.  Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment. I like elephants, too. They are not only big and strong but also gentle.

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