Some animals are used as symbols. Tigers and lions are often used as a symbol of strength. Condors are used in the national emblems of many South American countries. Strong animals are favored as national symbols. On the other hand, the image of foxes is bad. They are described as a tricky animal in many books, especially in Aesop's Fables. 

What animals they think a great deal of depends on the country. Cows are important in India, and dolphins and whales seem to be special animals in Europe and the U.S. In Japan, turtles are a symbol of longevity, and the fox is the familiar of the god Inari, who is the god of the rice plant. Humans have tried to gain something from animals since ancient times. What animals in your country have a special meaning?

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  • We Germans associate with animals human characteristics, such as the following:

    bee:                            diligence
    donkey:                      stupidity
    Owl:                            wisdom
    Bat:                             blindness
    Fox:                            slyness, cunning
    Goose:                       conceit
    Hare:                          timidity
    Hen:                           motherly
    Dog:                           loyalty
    Rabbit:                       fertility
    Cat:                            deceitfulness
    Lamb:                        innocence
    Leo:                           dignity
    Peacock:                   pride, vanity
    Rabe:                        misfortune
    Sheep:                      simplicity
    Serpent:                    wisdom
    Pig:                            impurity
    Bull/stallion:            strenth
    Strauss:                   folly
    Dove:                        harmlessness
    Tiger:                        wildness
    Turtle Dove:            marital fidelity
    Worm:                      flatterer, sycophant

    • Hello, Rose. Thank you for your reply. It's an interesting list. It is a little surprise for me that serpents are associated with wisdom.

  • Oi there, folks

       In my country, Poland, almost every animal has a symbolic characteristic, I shall not oversuse the chatters' patience by boring them with a long and verbose description of it, I will just mention some [my memory isn't that good as it ued to be once, heh]:

      Owl - wisdom and patience

      Bison - grandeur and power

       Fox - cunningness

      Wofl - persistance and courage

      Lynx -stealth and sharp sight

      Goose - foolishness and gullibility

      Sheep - meekness

      stallion - [that neends no comment, no?]

    • Hello, Rysperski. Thank you for your reply. Wolves seem to have a good image for Europeans, but not for Japanese people. 

  • Hello, in my country, that is Italy, there are many animals that are used as a symbol. For example, eagles are meaning of a very good eyesight,  foxes and cats are meaning of cunning, owls are meaning of wisdom and so on.

    I think that everyone of us could have one or more special animals that for their meanings, can teach much more that a human teacher: it is common knowledge that animals don't speak, but everyone of them can teach us much more than an upstanding behaviour to follow every day. 


    • Hello, Rita Daniela Balestrieri. Thank you for your reply. Owls are a symbol of wisdom in Japan, too. It is interesting. Yes, we can be taught many things by animals.

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    • Hahaha. Mary has already answered it.

      • Yah.. she might be faster but you know my replies are more refined and elegant,  right? :D   Agree with her this time tho.

  • ours is Tiger : Harimau


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