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We should not eat meat?

I heard that a representative of a Japanese vegan group insisted that we must not eat meat, and that animals are not food. But we have eaten meat from ancient times. I don't deny them to be vegans, but they shouldn't deny that people eat meat. Of course, we must thank the animals, because we take their lives to eat their meat.

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  • People simplify this topic a lot, because we don't really listen what ecologist people and scientists are saying. The message is not about not eating meat: It is about to reduce the amount of meat we eat. And is not because is sad to kill animals to feed us, that's a silly argument that climate change denialist people like to use to ridicule vegan people or ecologists. This is a much more important issue than just to feel 'pity' for animals: It's about the thing that to change our diet is essential if we want to beat the global warming.


    • Hello, Mary. Thank you for sharing your opinion. It is a good and reasonable view. I wonder how many vegans think like you.

      • Lot of them, but you won't see them in the mainstream media. There, they just wanna show people telling radical proposals to scare the audience and make them believe that ecologists are just crazy extremists.


  • It should not be forced.   Its up to people what they want to eat.   I saw lots of variety vegan food, here.   I guess its good - i need to eat more veggie anyway... hehe

    • Hello, Fizzy. Thank you for your reply. Yes, we should not be forced into what food to eat. Of course, vegetables are healthy.

  • Tastes differ )))

    Tastes Like Flowers GIF - Storks StorksMovie Laugh GIFs

    • Hi, O.M. Thank you for your reply. The tastes are like flowers? lol

      In fact, meat itself has no taste, doesn't it?

  • Arigatu Tam! My next discussion is close to your discussion but in a different way. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Dara. You are welcome.

  • Hehe.. yes someone is declaring war to meat. Surely in few time will increase taxes to buy it :/

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