• Gandhi's age was between 78 and 79 when he was assinated.

  • He was an old man, probably in his 80s. He wouldn't have lived longer anyway.

  • Lol My little babai , This Gandhi was a good guy but he didn't go from Covid-19...Unfortunately , a guy shot him from his forehead !..He went too young , he was only at his 33 or 35 ..

    • Lol....who will give more years ...who less..???..Cos you were honest and didn't google, weren't you, Adri?

  • Who are you talking about ? Mahatma Gandhi ?

    • Yes. Mahatma Gandhi

  • Hm...If I don't google....I won't even remember his name....I remember Indira...but nothing else. Sorry...useless for this discussion without the worst sin. What I do know is that I have heard there were a couple of guys who lived up to almost 200 years...but they were not Gandhi ))

    So...I won't cheat )))) and let more intelligent guys to sparkle in your discussion. 

    • Guess the answer
      • Then less.

        • How old was Gandhi when he died?

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