• Hi Ryan. Are u chinese? Today im going to guangzhou china. I'd ask u the weather in there.
  • Hi Ryan. May I assume you would like to do this to really improve your English, or is it to meet other interesting people? In case you do this to improve your English I can advise you to simultaneously pay some attention to the structure and grammar of the English language. If you wouldn't do this, you run the risk of developing a one-sided or false notion of the language.

    You say you want "some partners to learn English" in your title. Well, please don't forget the theoretical basics, and there is a great website where you can learn this is a clear, fun, and fast way. I've mentioned this source already in another comment, but I'm really enthusiastic about this site that provides free video lessons. Check out this post if you want to learn more:

    It's actually a platform for GED students in the US, but the way everything is explained will help many other people as well. I'm not asking or telling you to study all material that's offered there, but checking out some topics every now and again would certainly not hurt, and your English will benefit! All the best. Kevin

  • Hi friend...please add me on your skype skype id is abdul.rahim.ind
  • Hi Ryan

    Are you onlne now ?

  • i want to be your partner.. i sent you a request on skype
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