Hello Everyone!

Some of you may remember me from The Learning English Video Project, which Mr Essberger and the team released on EnglishClub ten years ago!

I will be in Jakarta, Indonesia this weekend (February 17th / 18th 2018) and would welcome any tips you might have for things to see and do!

All best wishes,


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  • Welcome to Jakarta Daniel, and hope you enjoy your trip here!!!
  • That’s wonderful, Peppo. Thank you very much.

    Best wishes,


  • Hello Daniel,. My name is Peppo and I am staying in Jakarta, nice to meet you!
    Well, there are lots of things you can see and do here. I am afraid two days are not enough. You may bring along your raincoat or umbrella because we are having rainy season here. Beware of traffic jam and flood at certain areas. I personally suggest you to visit Taman mini Indonesia indah -it's near my place btw- because you can see a miniature of this country at once.
    Anyway, welcome to Jakarta and enjoy your visit.
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