• I dont like to eat raw meat Dara :(

    • Hindi ko alam bagit, Glosky? Lovely ladies do not eat raw meat, do they? 

      • Ayoko talaga, Daraaaaaa!!!

        • Glosky, maganda ang mukha mo. That word was uttered beautifully from your beautiful lips. Thanks  for your nice comment. 

  • It is commen to eat raw meat of ox and goat in my place. people love it so much and in some places it is belived that it helps to live longer life and they enjoyed it a lot. me personaly I don't like to eat raw meat.


    • Yagniyalli Selam! In our country likewise. At first, I was a little bit shy to mention it. Then gradually, I noticed that the members find it somehow normal. Some of them eat raw meat. I was afraid that they might say that I am a man-eater or something. Thanks, Selam for your nice comment on this topic.

  • OH, doesnt matter for me ; I aet all sorts of raw meat easly..My parents and my friends eat raw meats ,SO, no harming..Yes, certainly it gives extra strengt and power...You didnt eat ant raw meat ? Why ?...

    Watch, most of the African countries are in poverty..Specially babys are...So They eat what they found, cooked or raw..Doesnt matter...!!!...Did you suffer from any poverty ?...So, try to eat raw meat and learn the life....  Have a nice weekend  !

    • Scusami Adrian Martelli, my German language is below the zero. I hope the respected lady, Rose Iris is going to help me to learn that nice language soon. Going back to the topic, I guess I like some of the raw meat. I like the liver and the stomach. At first, I was shy to talk about it.

      I was afraid that the members of My English Club might get panic from that. When I read some of the comments of them, I am no longer feeling any kind of shame or weirdness about the matter. Thanks, Adrian for your teaching and for your comment.

  • Well, when I was a child my mother used to give me once a week raw liver to eat. I suffered from anemia, and they believed this would help... 

    Anyways, when I was around 6 or 7 I could lift my father. I believe it must have been the liver. ;-D  *Don't answer this*



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