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  • Koy baat nahi Sanjay! I thought that you eat meat. It is ok, thanks for your reply.

  • Do cured and smoked meat count?  I eat them weekly although I don't feel like superman exactly 

    • Muchas gracias senior Estanis! People are unique in their life are also unique in their meals. Thanks for your comment on Uncooked Meat.

    • Oh do I...Does that mean we are creepy?

      • Hahahaha! Lol! Thanks O. M. for your nice and creepy comment. You know what? I was embarrassed and afraid that the members would take a negative idea about me. Thanks again.

  • I adore food, but don't like to eat sausage meat. 

    • Lekin qu Enchanchated prince? Some people like that kind of meat a lot. I eat sausage meat sometimes. My wife does not like eating sausages. She likes sweets fruits. Thanks, Prince for your comment on that discussion..

  • Absolutely! Cannibals will be happy to enlighten you.

    • A738a, You gave me the creep. I was afraid that the members of the club might have a shaky idea about me and my character. By the way, is it possible to be one of your friends. I have been trying that for a long time. I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your acceptance in advance. 

      • Yup. I have that effect on people.

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