Two sentences, which one is the best?

Hi there,

I got two sentences:

Sentence 1:

Which is your preferred beverage?

Sentence 2:

Which beverage do you prefer?

As someone told me that these two sentences are both grammatically correct, I'd like to know which one is the best choice from a native speaker's view? Or, in other word, which one is more common that most of native speakers use?


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  • According to Rose's comments, I can understand there is a subtle difference between these two sentences.

    Btw, if I switch "preferred" with "favorite" for the first sentence, it may sound better I think?

  • in my   opinion , the second one is better 

  • Hi Rose,

    wow, thanks a million!

  • Both are correct and common. To say it simply: The first sentence is focused on the beverage, 'beverage' is, in that case, the subject of the sentence. In the second sentence is 'you' the subject of the sentence.

    The answer to the first question would be (for example): Water is my preferred beverage. Here is also 'water' the subject of the sentence.

    The answer to the second question would be (for example): I prefer water. In that case, 'I' is the subject of the sentence.

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