In our society nowadays, its really hard to know who's real and who's pretending to be nice. You won't come to know if the person is sincere to you or not or he/she is saying the truth or  just lying to you. Some called it a "two-faced" person. It is someone who pretends to be your friend and then starts calling you names as soon as you left. Most of the things this person do is he/she acts like your friend and then talk something bad about you behind your back or they tell you one thing, and then they tell someone else something different. They're saying different things to other people in order to get their sympathy instead of telling the truth and behave honestly. It's like he/she smiles in front of you but deep inside he/she hates you. I experienced dealing with a person with this kind of behavior. It is really annoying to be with them. I had once dealt with a two-faced person, when i had a chat with this person, she said something good to me about my relationship, saying all the positive words and encouragement one can utter. Then after few days, i talked to a friend whom we both know and he said that this two-faced person told him something in the different way, this and that. I never thought that this person will be so mean to me. She even told my friend that she doesn't like me at all. I really don't have the idea why she did that to me. I don't know why such people can't directly say to someone that they don't like them, rather than wearing a mask. I think the best way is If you don't like a certain person then don't pretend that you do.


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  • I always say one thing, it is our expectations (or rather over expectations) we make with others, naturally they will not be fulfilled.  So we get hurt assume that we have been deceived.  There is no doubt that every second person wearing a mask (including me), but we must be selective in choosing the people to deal with them carefully  like Karol said.

    This is a very rich topic and can be discussed endlessly, by the way is has also been put in Honey Bee's discussion group.

  • it is about you ,choose the people u deal with carefully and i am sure you will never meet the ones who may hurt you ;);) :D

    cheers :D :D 

  • Every second person in the societies is TWO FACED.  I have seen one recently in this discussion forum, and unfortunately it's a 'female, a lady'".  We should be just careful and not to believe easily even if it is love.

  • Maya.. question in my minds.. why these people act like two faced.? whats the reason behind them, are they naturally two faced. or they turned two faced because of environment..??? why, are they not know that it's the worst case of behavior.. 

    dealing with these type of people patiently is more difficult. when you have idea about there act, but you ignoring them is really difficult..

    • Elf: This is in their INSTINCT.  They are helpless to evade this habit.  They are compelled to bite like a snake.

      • thanks Mishaikh  for replying.. but i think so there is some how effect of  environment due to which , that person turned into two faced then the person do not able to recognize what is wrong what is right because the whole environment he/she is spending life have same thinking.

  • This is hypocrisy...God says in Quoran:

    “Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth (grade) of the Fire; no helper will you find for them[al-Nisaa’ 4:145]

    • @Mister Green: I have a Bible verse about hypocrites that I want to share to you too.

      Matthew 17:15 -- "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

      Thanks for your verse from Quoran Mister :D

  • @chitra: I agree with you, the best thing to do is to avoid those kind of people. Thanks for the comment.
  • It's the worst feature ever that one can have. Finally they would have no friends when every body gets to know them. I am not a frank person I mean I never hurt people by telling them something mean on the other hand if I can not tell the truth I'd rather not to say anything. Nobody likes to be around two faced people.
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