• Hi Tim,

    I should choose the third option. It depends on the situation.

    If the impact would be so bad, then I would disagree. But, if the impact can be discussed, I would agree with that.

    Thanks for your nice discussion. 

    • I think I agree with you although in the 3rd situation you mention I also try NOT to lie.  I may avoid answering or telling what I know but I don't lie to the person.

      I could create a scenario where I would such as a person who is dying asking about a person but generally speaking I don't lie to make a person feel good.  

  • I dunno. Have ya ever lied to someone while staring directly into their soul?

    It's such a rush.

  • Others believe that it's better being nice or polite than being right.  In this sense I go with Shaeen's comment. 

    By the way thanks for the information in your replies Rosemary.

    • You are welcome 

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    Here is the picture  . This saying or concept is widely agreeable among arabs    . I think he got it from his reading of the arabic heritage or it might be the common way of thinking that lead us to the same realization as humans  . I might call it collective mind or thinking 

              Have a nice day 🍃

  •   Well , we have the same saying in arabic culture and it is so deep and true  "  blessed  is he who makes me cry and cry for me  not the one who makes me laugh and make fun of me " 

              Paolo Cheolo  have many arab friends  . I have saw him in a picture with the famous Eygptain novelist  Najeeb Mahfooz  . In his novel " The Chemist  " he borrowed  alot from the arabic culture.  I wonder if he had learned  arabic or not . 

          Anyway back to the saying and why it is true sometimes the harsh truth is better than false illusionment  . We need to wake other no matter how difficult it will cost because fake realization  cost and harm more 

  • Paolo coelho is well-known for his proverbial like writing. From my own standpoint, if the issue is big, we should go for the truth insted of lie. But human's life is not just a monolithic path, sometimes we resort to white lie, not to hurt someone, to ease the situation. That is also okay.

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