if possible, it is better to prepare that person to accept the truth.

  •  If you tell someone truth bluntly, he will definitly cry :) .. I mean you must be bit smart honest rather than blunt honest :D

  • I'd better keep silent. It's cruel making others cry. I hate crying myself as well as hurting people.. 

  • People who know me also know my honesty, but I can't say I've never lied. I think the one who wants us to believe that he/she never lied is lying per se or at best clueless.

    Well, sometimes the truth hides behind a lie, but sometimes a lie hides behind the truth.

    The truth can hurt, so sometimes we lie. The purpose of a lie makes it a white lie or meanness.
    If we can protect someone with a lie, that's better than harming someone with the truth.
    A lie that saves and sustains life is better than a truth that destroys or even ends a life.
    Circumstances that can change will tell us if one day we will be able to confess the truth.

    Lying can be harder than telling the truth because we have to live with a lie. That can be psychologically distressing.
    That's why I don't want to judge people who lie, at least not in every case.

  • I agree 100%

    Personnaly i prefer to be honest because we all know that the truth will be known one day no matter how long we try to hide it.  but then the truth will hurt more because we have been so happy living a lie, we will need more time to get over it. so, we need to think about it this way. why will we hide the truth if it will come one day and be more hurtful. we need always to be honest even if the truth is hard to accept at least it's better than living a lie. lies make temporary smiles only nothing real.

    no matter what we need to face reality .

  • Hi Tim,

    I should choose the third option. It depends on the situation.

    If the impact would be so bad, then I would disagree. But, if the impact can be discussed, I would agree with that.

    Thanks for your nice discussion. 

    • I think I agree with you although in the 3rd situation you mention I also try NOT to lie.  I may avoid answering or telling what I know but I don't lie to the person.

      I could create a scenario where I would such as a person who is dying asking about a person but generally speaking I don't lie to make a person feel good.  

  • I dunno. Have ya ever lied to someone while staring directly into their soul?

    It's such a rush.

  • Others believe that it's better being nice or polite than being right.  In this sense I go with Shaeen's comment. 

    By the way thanks for the information in your replies Rosemary.

    • You are welcome 

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