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Hello friends,Hope you guys are doing good.Well i thought of sharing a true story with you which happened in the recent pastMy days are starting with watching kids playing outside.i love kids a lot because they are cute and innocent & they are unaware about this dark world.Soon we became friends.They used to me tell their innocent stories while walking towards stationOne day while rushing to office i have seen an old lady with a board.i feel very pity for the old lady as she looked very skinny.I immediately handed over my lunch box to her and it continued for a week.But for the next 3 days i couldn't see her as i was down with fever.Next day i was running late so i couldn't meet the kids but i was happy that i could see the old lady.when i was about to give her my lunch box she refused it and taken a box from her bag.i was totally perplexed but with a smile she hold my hand and said  kids have given her lunch box.I was taken aback as i couldn't beleive this.That day evening she told me her story how she was dumped by her doctor son after his marriage.she added with watery eyes "today because of you i could see my son in those boys".For the first time in my life i have felt my heart and inner soul overflowing with joy and happiness.Next day when i asked the kids they said everyday you are giving your lunch box and not eating anything.We are 4 so nothing will happen if i give her my lunch box.My eyes became wet and i planted a kiss on his forehead.Why i share this is because i would like to remind all of you that little ones follow your deeds.They observe everything and try to copy it in their lives.If you can't give them good advises try to be good infront of them as they are the promises of future.please dont ruin their future...Please ignore spelling mistakes and grammar mistakesThanks,niki

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    • You are welcome :-)
  • Such a wonderful story, there is a lot to learn from this story....

    Thank you so much for such wonderful story.....

    Keep it up

    • Thank you very much syed :-)
  • This is a wonderful story Niki. It gives a good lesson for everyone. I wonder how many people have missed it because it is in General Discussions. Blogs usually get more serious reading.

    I suggest that you correct a few minor mistakes, rename it and tell this story as your first blog post. Would "Hungry Old Lady" be a good name for your first blog. Your little mistakes are mostly not capitalizing I and not skipping a space or two before the beginning of a sentence: watching kids playing outside.i love kids a lot because 

    If you finish the sentence with a period (full stop) and then make a space or two the reader doesn't miss the new thought. At the same time the first letter of the new sentence should be capitalized and I should always be capitalized. ...watching kids playing outside.  I love kids a lot because 

    Fixing those minor bad habits will make this into a very worthy blog. Tell me if you do it and I will let friends know about your story. True story is OK for a title but we want readers to stop and read it so something more exciting may be better. What do you think? Will you try my suggestion and become a famous blogger?

    • Bob,i have resubmitted the story in blog.Please look into it.
    • Thank you Bob for your valuable suggestion. I will be resubmitting the story after making necessary corrections.

      I have done a recent survey on recurring dreams & posted it on my blog.Kindly go through it & leave your comment/suggestion.I would love to read it.

      Thanks a lot :)

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    • Thanks for participating :-)
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