Trade Wars

Hello, my friends , I hope you are all in good  mood again...Ather the interesting topics of Dara , I decided to write on economics , It ıs here ;

The China-United States trade war is an ongoing economis conflict between the world's two largest national economies, China and the United States, After additional US tariffs on Chinese good

come into effect on Sunday ,promoting China to retaliate , sending markets lover, China is stepping up ıts efforts to protects its economy from the ongoing damaging trade war with the US, ahead of fresh talks

to resolve the dispute mext month....

I've  tried to give a brief introduction on this conflict . Well, I'm going to ask these questions ;

1) How did US and China trade war start ?

2)What happens in a traded war between the US and China ?...


Thank You ,,,



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  • Hello Adriano,

    About your first question, I think that the opposition between the US and China has started a long time ago when China had become a world global powerhouse which was strong enough to put into question the domination of the US. It's often claimed that their rivalry originated in 2001 when China get into the World Trade Organisation and started to sell its low-cost goods to the developed country. Developing the economy through exports (and investment), China accumulated strong trade surplus, especially against the US. 
    As China developed its economy and strengthen its political influence all over the world, the US and China had many occasions to face in interposed conflicts. Indeed, in the recent past, we can see that the two countries often take opposite positions in many geopolitical conflicts (Iran, Venezuela...), which witness that the trade war is a consequence of a rivalry that is actually way larger. This rivalry was a key point of Trump presidential program in 2016 but has really begun in early 2018. 

    I'm looking forward to reading your opinion on this topic

    See you!



    • Oh,Mr Rouge , I thank you very much for your comment and a special that for repliying me.. Yes You're right..Thara are many conflicts betwen US and as you've mentioned Iran, Russia, North Korea,Turkey about S-400 Missiles, etc....So, I m thinking that this conflicts wont be good for the countries that we were mentioned their names up...Ofcourse , The US also will take its own share too.! Thank you have a nice week end .


  • Only US - China trade war?  Why don't mention US - UE trade war? Or US - Mexico? US - Mercosur.....?    Anyway as Rose says it's not about USA but its protectionist policy. At the end companies and citizens will be affected for this logical recession 

    • Hello, My dearest friend Estanis, I hope you are well... Well.. Yes, you are right,  I am agree. But, the issue that  you've mentioned too long and debate able was , I perefered to express only one as US and China conflict ...Thank you very much , ..Arrivederci. Note ? A lates news ..Trump slaps English Pound 6 billion trade tariffs on EU...


      • ...and don't you think Europe will raise taxes on North American goods as a response?   Hope you don't like Jack Daniel's too much  ; )

        • Hello my dear friend, Estanis..I hope you are fine...My dear friend, I prefere gin and tonic instead Jack, It gaves me head-ache....With my restricted knowledge, as my humle opinion ,EU cant apply too much extra taxes on the impoting goods from the US. Also ,response tariffs on US wont create a big impact on US trade..Extra tariffs bring extra tariffs together....Also ,  EU has its own fiscal problems ...This issue is long and really over me...Thank you for responding and questioning  !Have a nice weekend !.' ,


          • Totally agree.  Nothing like a good gyn tonic with a slice of limon.

            • I do agree. Mmmmmmm... it's my favorite drink, too. Just yesterday, I had one.



              • Ugh, My respectable friend Mrs. Rose and Mr. Estanis....One double of   gin-tonic doesnt effect me ...I go on with two and three.. three enough no more ,my wife doesnt allow me to drink much ...Have a nice weekend my dear friends...


                • The same, I wish you too. Thanks.

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