• why not? whatever day is a normal day to die, when you less realize it´s gonna be your day, mine, hers, his. 

  • How can a day be a beautiful to die?

    It should be to love, to live, to care, to distribute/spread happiness.  DIE? Absurd!

  • you gotta explain to me a little bit more ´cause I didn´t get your point..

  • Well...Harold I. I guess sth is wrong with my brain as I took this sarcasm so seriously... Omgggg :D however... you know, this is disadventage of written text because when it comes to speaking one can easily recognize sarcasm or irony, which is btw sth i love :D
    • I do agree Luci, some people tend to get confused because of it but it´s a nice phrase anyway :) 

  • I deeply respect your thoughts Luci, Be that as it may, the sentence is amazing itself, those people who state it are completely sure is not gonna happen that way. They just wanna express great happiness as I replied to the others. 

  • sure, here it goes; some people might take it in order to express great and deep happiness, It´s not always necessary to express such feelings with nice quotes.

  • not necessarily, it´s beyond that, it might involve great happiness ME

  • Damn...

    True, though.

    • Hang on, 'awesome'? That's pushing it. What's wrong with people, MARY?


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