Time Machine (Ingredient X)

If you were about to finish the first ever Real Time Machine, what would be the last and most important detail of it?



Don't sell it cheap as the time machine is anything but usual or simple thing and so is its main detail!

Describe the detail well, so we could understand why exactly it is that important!



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  • Good question, Roman. Let me see!!!

    Oh! I got it!

    Before the last detail, I would implement a "back-home" button, but the very last one would be the "red" button for self-destroying the time machine.


    Ähnliches Foto

    • Good one! The button which brings everything back to the moment right before the first using of the time machine.

    • Can you put Trump inside your time machine, send him to the prehistoric era where he belongs (4 million years ago) and then push that red button? 


    • That is the best idea you ever had, MARY.

      Will be done! 

      I already know his answer:

      Ähnliches Foto

       He has just forgotten " I AM

  • Erm... Did you just turn your bathtub into a time machine? :/ 

    You really need a product packaging design tutorial...


    • What if people haven't succeded in creating a time machine yet, only because they think, it has to be smart and logical?

    • Right. Illogical dumb people have more chances to be successful creating a time machine.  And also to make a religion of it.


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