Time machine

Are you a story lover? Or maybe you just like adventures? Imagine that our boss Mr. Josef surprised us with a time machine available for Ec members.

Share with us where and when you'd love to travel, for example... The States in the 70's, Spain on the XV century, Egypt in the XX century BC... just tell us your ideal background you'd like to visit whatever it is ;)

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    Hello Estanis

    I would like to go to ancient Greece and watch the ancient Olympics in reality.

    • Good choice!  And I bet they were more successful than the XXXII edition in Japan hehe.. damn virus :/

      Oh, would you also participate? ))


    Nice topic!

    I would like to go to the village where my father was born. It is now a military zone and people are not allowed to go there. 

    • Saba...!! )

      Nice reading from you really.   I've visited some  places I link to my childhood but honestly I haven't felt any feelings I use to had then, perhaps only feeling blue even sad.

      Thanks for coming,  so grateful 🙂

  • It is difficult to choose only one :(. 

    I think I would like in a future anywhere, where live people.

    • Ok. I'll ask you to check some lottery numbers 

    • Ok:)

  • Around the world )))

    Nowadays ;) 

    As soon as possible ;P 

    • Svetaaa...!!!   Who else? 😜

    • One day I would like to go to Spain to visit you, my dear friend ;)

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