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Three questions

Dear friends and EC members.

 I invite you all to think about following questions and to tell us your answers.

 Here you go:


1. If you could have a question answered by an omniscient, what do you want to know?

2. If you could give a newborn only one single piece of advice for its entire life, what would that be?

3. Would you give away your best memory to wipe out the worst?


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  • Great questions, Rose.. this indicates the profound level of your horizon... 

    let me try to answer... 

    1- what is soul? apparently there is no omniscient to answer it... 

    2- nothing lingers.. 

    3- this one is ambiguous... I dare not to answer it.... 

    • hanks, AG, for your nice words to me.

      1. Nobody, not even an omniscient, can know what a soul is. I think our soul is what we are. Each one of us is the only one who knows exactly who she/he is. Our soul makes us unique. There is no duplicate.

      2. and 3. Good answers.

      • 1. Rose, I'd better call that just 'personality' :P

        I'm not an omniscient thing but I can tell that the concept of 'soul' is same as the words: 'Spirit', 'Nirvana', 'Heaven', 'Valhalla', 'Paradise'... subjective concepts made up by the human being.
        Sorry to be the party pooper, but you know me.... I can't shut up  :P


        • That's OK, MARY. You don't have to shut up. Please, don't change!

          I like your definition of soul. It's much better than mine.


  • 1. Just one? ugh... I'm a curious cat! there are many things I wanna know! > _ <

    Okay... I'll pick to know how is gonna be the final season of the human race story :P

    2. None. 'Cause I doubt a newborn is gonna get or remember anything :D

    3. No.  Because, fortunately, I don't have any really traumatic memory. I think all our memories, good and bad ones, teach us something and make us how we are. If you're more or less happy with the person you are, then I think it's better to keep them all.    But in any case, I can consider myself lucky because I know I could have a very different opinion if I had gone through a very traumatic situation (such as to live a war and see people dying, to have been raped/molested, to have been kidnapped and tortured by a psycho...) In any similar case, I would probably choose to get rid of my most terrible memory.


    Very interesting discussion, Rose. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi, MARY.

      1. Are you sure you want to know how the final season of the human race story ends?

      2. Don't be so picky and was just a rhetorical question...uffff. Admit if you don't have any ideas...LOL.

      3. I totally agree.


      • 1. Absolutely. 

        2. Nah, I don't really like to give any advice. And nobody take them anyway :P


  • Thank you dear Rose for your great questions...

    1. I don't have any question ... Or maybe I have but I should think about it more than just a few seconds.

    2. My advice would be: you are a great person the way you are... don't change yourself... that's the way you would live your life in peace with you and the universe.

    3. No... I absolutely wouldn't do that.

    • Thanks, dear Soheila.

      Good questions and answers.

      Dis you think about your questions in 1?

  • Great questions, Rose!

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