Three questions

Dear friends and EC members.

 I invite you all to think about following questions and to tell us your answers.

 Here you go:


1. If you could have a question answered by an omniscient, what do you want to know?

2. If you could give a newborn only one single piece of advice for its entire life, what would that be?

3. Would you give away your best memory to wipe out the worst?


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  • Hi Rose, My answers is,

    1. What going to happen, after death?

    2. Should give respect to your father and mother.

    3. I has faced one worst incedent on my school daya. That incedent, need to wiper from my memory.


  • To answer your question Rose:

    1. What is my destiny?

    2. Be true to yourself

    3. No. I dont want to give away my best memory. Worst memory must be discarded or erase.


    Rose, I had a hard time answering question #3. But i tried..:)

    • Dear Glosky.

      Oh, I am sorry for have made you busy by taking part in the discussion.

      But at least you found words to express your thoughts. So your tray was crowned by success.

      I thank you very much.


  • 1 . when life ends?

    2. Don't worry




    • Hi, selam.

      Thanks a lot for participating in this discussion.


  • 1st. How to not make other people cry because of me?

    2nd. Never make other people cry!

    3rd.No, I wouldn't.. Remember and try to forgive ( in my case.............................................................)

    • Hi, Marek.

      Crying is not always a sign of sadness or hurt. Sometimes, we cry while laughing. 

      Thanks for your participating in this discussion.

  • These questions are very philosophical)

    • Hi, Cooper Barley,

      Maybe they are, but we can try to find the questions, we want to be answered.

      Don't you have questions? 

  • Hello Mam

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