They speak Arabic nicely

It is said that Joseph Conrad 1857-1924 considered as the greatest novelists in the English language. He wrote very nice classical novels in English though he spoke with a strong polish accent.It seems to be that any language has a very strong effect on its learners and translators.

But, I see some speakers from Germany like Günther Orth and Sandra Hetzl and others from Russia like Anna koushenco and sobo neina, they speak Arabic nicely just like Arabic native speakers. I really admire their ways and nice accents when they speak. So, some learners and translators from specific countries have a great accent when they speak specific languages whereas some cannot be good though they are great when they write something.

My question is, do you think some tongues of some languages are more flexible than others or it is just a talent or skill of a learner?

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  • I think both,  and obviously being skilled is important. I'm surprised how quickly Arab people coming to my country learn Spanish, it's not as difficult as Arabic but I believe they're talented for languages, at least more than us.

    • I am surprised to know Arab people quickly learn Spanish. I think Spanish has a very nice tone.

      Thank you Estanis for your nice comment.

  • I think some languages have similarities itonation, example Korean and Japanese. It's easier to imitate . But I think the most important is talent and practive because I know many people can speak very well multiple languages at once.

    • Ok, I conclude Korean and Japanese are the same intonation. So, It's easier to imitate.

      Yes, it is impressive to see someone speaks a second language as if his first language.

      Thank you Thuy Tran for your nice comment.

  • Ana ahib Alarabiya ya ustath! Shall we say a gift from the Lord? Thanks for sharing. 

    • I read that all peoples love their languages, everyone consider his language as the best language in the world. Some strongly believed that their language are holy.

      You said" l love Arabic". And I say, so do I.

      Many thanks dear Dara for your nice comment.  

  •    I do really  share your admiration toward people who speak perfect language  because  it isn't that easy thing  . People often make mistakes in their own mother tongue   . 

         People who speak correctly  deserve  our respect and encouragement  :) 

    • Because I haven’t a good accent  when I speak English, I have  a great admiration for speakers of foreign languages. Really, they deserve respect. Thank you Rosemary for sharing me your thoughts.

  •     Yes , I have read an information related to your topic  . It says that some Asian countries people find it very difficult to utter certain English letters and wether this is right or not I don't know  . 

       From my own humble point of view having an accent isn't a bad thing at all as long as the speaker get the structure and vocabulary of the language right . Speaking is a productive skill at the end . It isn't easy to speak a foreign language in an eye blink , especially if you are learing it from a book or studying it as a subject  . It is natural to make mistakes or have accent as a result of the mother tongue language  . 

       Some people are blessed with the chance to learn a language through communicating with its native people which is the most effective and easiest way of acquiring  a language 


    • Yes, I agree with you, some languages have not certain English sounds. For example, Arabic language has not (p) sound, but there is (b) instead. So, Arabic learner should make sure when he say :I bark …..  and I  park…or I bray and I pray….

      Japanese language has no (r) sound but there is (l) instead. So, Japanese learner should make sure when say:

      I eat rice and I eat lice. I hope to find Japanese commenter to correct me I am wrong.  

      Thank you Rosemary  for your nice comment.          

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