The world after COVID-19

The number of cases exceeded the threshold of five million people in the world. The stark death toll is nearing three hundred thousand deaths. This is because of the stark spread of COVID 19, may Allah bless their souls. Clinical trials are underway. Epidemiologists, immunologists,  and other scientists are working hard to find a vaccine or a treatment for the deadly virus.

Now, governments are trying to suspend the lockdown gradually using the necessary measures of protection, antivirus masks,  and what is called the social distance. How are we going to look like after the pandemic is over?  Is the world going to be the same after  COVID -19?

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  • Hello. I think it take one or two years until we become a Vaccine for Corona Virus. After that our living will be normal again. 

    Nobady excatly knows what happend this Autoum and winter. Hoffly not too much new Petient. Economicaly many cuntrays can not break down again. 

    In Germany after two days on monday 15 June nobody muss wear a ficemaske . The Childern go to school again. It seems all thing going slowly better. 


    • Danke freun Hans Anderson! I am glad that your country was the first country to declare control over COVID-_19. The problem is the social distance, Hans! Will we behave like before coronavirus? You know, at the stadium we want to be present and support our teams and that needs a lot of being close to one another. At school, online teaching can take place but would it be like traditional learning? Let's wait and see. Hans, please, add me as one of your friends. Thanks. 

    •  Guten morgen Hans Anderson. Two years! Isn't it a long time, my dear Hans? As you stated, in Germany, Iife came back to normal again. They announced that about two months ago. Lol! You are not too much optimistic, are you? Hans, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice comment. 

      • Hello Dara,

        thank you for your massage. Ich hoppe all thing will be normal again as soon as possible. Oficials says in TV ,that  this economical damage would be not repair too sonn und take at least two years to recover. I am not a economical expert . But a read yesterday about new covid-19 infections in USA and sougth america. Now we are living in a global world. The damage in one part of the world can damage also other part of the world.

        Ok. I fine very ineressting writing with you and others in this englisk club.

        Have a nice time 


        • Guten tag Hans Anderson. I agree with you, if the pandemic hits one part of the world, it will spread to the other part. This is the most critical of it. Once it reaches the respiratory system, the person is in a critical position. Until now, more than a half-million death. more than ten million cases but we do not ignore the recovery cases too.

          They are doing a good rate. I just want to assure you that this pandemic will be over soon, the problem is ourselves! Please, look at my first article on the virus. It is entitled, corona versus our consciences. Thanks again. 

  • I hope its gonna end soon... I hope they will be able to create the vaccine.


    • Saya harap juga, Fizzy tetapi the matter is more than we are hoping or thinking. It needs some time to come to the public. All we need is time, my dear young friend. Thanks for your nice hopes. 

  • Dear Dara, I have a little question today about this matter of COVID 19 and all bad repercussion that it carries, deads, unemployment, business close and  so on, Why do NISSAN company like SEAT not make breathing machines instead of close the factories in Barcelona? I cannot understand?

    • Basante logica senorita Laura! That is why I told you to see my first article about coronavirus. I posted that about a month ago. I was giving the same questions you have asked or at least most of them. You know the famous saying, 'politics is a dirty game' The truth about the whole matter will come. It is just a matter of wait and see. Laura, by the way, I hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • the world went through more terrible epidemics.
    it forced develop medicine a little bit and life continued to flow along the same lines.
    but there is another thing that would be change the world. it is the ability to artificially create viruses (i belive that covid-19 have been created with high probability).
    It is possable  the epidemy is just a sign, the world has already changed.

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