The reason of disappointment.

 Once a disappointed person was turning around the small hills that were enclosing his city, met a shepherd who was grazing his flock with his sheep.

When the shepherd saw the upset man asked him:

- What is bothering you, my friend? 

- I feel a great solitude, he answered.

- I am alone, too, but I don't feel sorrow, said the shepherd.

- Maybe because God is keeping you company! The man replied in an ironic tone.

-You guessed right, said the shepherd ignoring his ironic tone.

-Do you see our city? the shepherd continued, do you see the houses? Do you see the windows?

- I can see everything, answered the man.

- Then you must not be disappointed, the shepherd went on. The sun is only one but every window of this city even the smallest and the most profound every day is bathed in its light. You are rather depressed because your" window "  remains hermetically sealed.

What about your windows? Are they open or airtight?



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  • Lemme guess.. that shepherd's favorite writer is Paulo Coelho? 

    If i keep my window open, big huge mosquitos would come in and bite me! :C   What would say that shepherd about it?


This reply was deleted.