This month’s teaser is about using your imagination. Are you good at finishing stories? Bad guys kidnapped our hero and now he needs you!

What do you think will happen to the man? Can you finish the story?

Good luck!..

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  • The format of the story is not psychopathic and yes, you are right the end can be a happy one, too. It all depends on your imagination. Your imagination may tell you to write a psychopathic end or a happy end. It will show us the good or bad germs inside you. But, this is not, of course, a certain supposition about you. You can just write a bloody story, but you can never imagine yourself causing the things you've done to the man.

    By viewing this story seriously, without cynical points, we see if you can use your imagination to create an end which partially tells your personal characteristics. But, in order to ensure this interpretation of the story, you must believe in the consistency and sincerity of your own world.

    I am waiting to read your other version of the story..... must be a bloody one! lol

    To be honest, I didn't write an end for the story. I don't know what to write.

  • Tell me you are joking! What kind of answer is this? I knew you were crazy, but I never imagined this much? This is the result of sleeping in your laboratory. hahahah... lol

    You've written this as your serious answer and I have to accept it. Dear Musti, I suggest you get yourself down to your local psychiatrist, they may be a help to bring you back to life! lol What was the last time you've been to your psychiatrist? Long ago? Seems now it is high time!!

    Let me tell you something. If this story was true, the greenheads would never choose your hero to be their man. Why? Because, do you remember your hero gave up, closed his eyes and readied himself to his warm end. How poetic, isn't it? This man can't harm anybody. Fake psycho! kekeke You know most people have a little psycho in them, but a few can display absolute psychopathic behavior. If you were a psycho, I would say "You have absolutely no regret for causing pain and trouble not only to yourself but other people as well. You hurt people because your passion to hurt running through your veins drives you there." But, you know what? Sometimes, I think you are a psycho just according to some of your qualifications such as intelligence. Hmmm... others? Maybe.... :P

    Your story was funny and really, really creative. You managed to turn a psychopathic manner into a funny story. Well done! Finally, you can be a comedian, but not a psycho.

  • How many days have been left to take part in this challenge?

    • There is no time limit Nida. You can write your own story whenever you want. There is still plenty of time till the end of the month.

      • Ok......

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    • Many thanks to Anele for bringing you here. If not, we couldn't read your story.

      I enjoyed your story a lot as well as learning a lot from it. 

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    • So plain and logical! lol This always happens in the movies. The car tumbles down, falls off from the cliff and the main character is somehow rescued. That was very logical. Who said you are not much of a writer? If there is something that you are not, it is that you are not a psycho! lol

      Thank you for joining Raiken. 

  • OMG, OMG, OMG, guys... LOL, Yase, are you suffering of lack of adrenalin ever??? =))) What a hell have you started, lol?! I got just squint-eyed after having read this discussion!!! :D

    • Dear Charos.........I am dying already to hear your version.   Now you can't escape from us!  You have been rejecting  Yase and me all these days.  Come on, write your story, dear!  I heard you're also good at it.

      • My dear Anele :).......... I know, I confess that I'm such a coward, lol... But just imagine: how ever could an Old & Sad Lady (like me :p), suffering from nerves, be able to create an ending, especially a PSYCHOPATHIC ending  for such a horror? =)))

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