Welcome to my “How Psycho Are You” test.

For this month, we will choose psychos by some questions being different from the previous ones.

If you are chosen as a psycho please contact me! We can do a lot together! If you hear voices or have invisible friends then you will likely pass this test with flying colors.

Please give your sincere answers and be serious!

Wish you luck…

1- What is a psycho?

a) Hahahah!

b) Problematic people who use their intelligence in a bad way.

c) Crazy! I don’t like them!

d) Oh! I am scared of them.


2- Have you ever had a psychiatric examination?

a) I never! Psychiatrist must come to me!

b) Yeah… You know, I just have some problems.

c) I’ve had; for depression.

d) Thank God. I don’t have any problems.


3- Your spouse made you coffee, but you didn’t like the flavor…

a) I would spill the coffee! He/she would have to make new one!

b) I would mutter a little, then would shut up.

c) I would thank, and hide my displeasure.

d) I would thank, and would wash the dishes!


4- You are hearing the tapping of a thief breaking into your house…

a) He will make his last prayer!

b) I pick up something stiff and approach him.

c) I call for help, I feel scared.

d) I hide and hold my breath until he’s gone.


5- If someone calls you a psycho…

a) Sorry?

b) I will beat him!

c) You are that psycho!

d) God heal him. What can I do?


6- You are walking and a group of people passing by is snickering at you…

a) They cannot do it again!

b) I will keep on walking in strict confidence.

c) I will be very angry, but cannot do anything.

d) I will feel down, but try not to concern about it.


7- Your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you and says firmly that he/she is done with you. You still are head over heels in love with him/her. How do you deal with it?

a) You dress in black and watch him/her through the front window at night and steal an article of clothing so you can cuddle up with the scent of them at night.

b) You send e-mails and letters and phone constantly even though they don’t change their mind.

c) You beg and plead for him/her to think again!

d) You understand it, and all though you love him/her, you respect his/her choice.


8- The most psychopath?

a) Me!

b) Bush.

c) My lover /my mother-in-law/ my neighbor/ my friend etc.

d) Everyone is born innocent.


9- Let me send you a song…

a) I don’t like music.

b) Cleanin' Out My Closet, Eminem.

c) My Immortal, Evanescence.

d) I Dreamed A Dream, Susan Boyle.


10- What do you think about the person who prepared this test?

a) Psychopaty cannot be described, it can be lived.

b) I’ve written the book of psychopaty, who is she?

c) She must be a clever one.

d) Problematic, I guess…

Please when you write your answer, write them from left to right like 1- ..., 2- ..., 3- ..., 4- ..., 5- ..., 6- ..., 7- ..., 8- ..., 9- ..., 10- ...

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  • It is a pleasure for me to be your friend and to help you. When you first asked me (in the chatroom) to help you about this site, I knew you would do what I said, like reading blogs and commenting on them. You are very diligent.

    I am looking forward to reading your first blog.

    Keep it up Priyanka!

  • Hey! You two!!!

    You cannot flirt here!!

    • Jealousy speak! 

      • Dear Priyanka, 

        It is not you who started this. Don't worry about it.

      • Hey! Sandeep!

        Why do you think I am jealous? I just told them they cannot flirt here.

        Did you read my blog? If not, you should.

        English Club is not a place for flirting!!!

        • Wait, it does not define what is flirting? I guess appreciate beauty is not flirting. I mean look at Priyanka. She is so gorgeous, beautiful, charming and fresh cute face. Please don't say we can only appreciate beauty of nature.

          Thanks Yasmine. It's really a nice blog you had written. Very impressive Characterisation of Emily and Tomy. Good Job! 

          • Appreciating beauty is not flirting. But, if a male says this to a female loudly in the public, then it will turn into flirting. 

            I don't understand why people be friends just for appearance?

            • Good idea.. lets put this in discussion.. :) Btw when she don't object. You will be a devil interfering in middle of these birds and I guess you are not one who control this... aint you?

  • I am surprised bcoz I guess this is your first participation in blogging/discussion area beside only chatting in MyEC, not bcoz you are beautiful! :P

    Sure, I will come to your house someday in the future, and witness how strange you are with my own eyes. I am sure you are really really strange, more than everybody knows! kekeke

    By the way, I prepared this test, not all, but a big percentage. Do you wanna know about me more? Ohhh sure.... We can be friends, sister. ;)

    And.....yes! Ulti is hitting on you!!

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hello Priyanka,

      Thanks for taking this test. In fact, I am surprised to see you here!

      Are these your sincere answers? I can't believe it!

      You are a potential psycho! You are really good at manipulating. I advise you to work in department of computer science. You have the intelligence of hacking all the computers in the world at the same time!

      You have the occasional psychotic thought, but would never actually act on it. You don't want your friends to come to your house because you don't want them to know about how strange you are! Or, maybe you have hidden things that nobody should see!

      Nonetheless, I see hope for you. You are a beatiful girl and you look normal, I guess.

      @ Ulti, How can you hit on a girl here??

This reply was deleted.