Hello, My Dear Teachers and lovely student mates,

I'm sorry but there are  too much lazy students even teachers around, generally, they come in and watch videos,look at the pictures furthermore,, listen pop music ...add,They join to chat say hello and how are you.. No more...

Included me, We are all lazy learners...Watch the Blogs and discussion pages..What will you see ?...for two days the blog writers have not got any comments for their blogs..

We do not read ..We're not able to respond  to the given topics...We do not know to debate the importants topics...Aftermath, ,the chosen topics are really senseless ,very very simple topics we open to debate...

I've never witnessed a serious topic so far...The chosen topics are not academic nor diplomatic.,historic or geographic...etc. etc...

My suggestion is to open an interesting debate on about daily events of the world.. !  There are many important events from England, The USA, India ,Africa so on.....


Next tyme, I 'd like to see i you in  different performance...If not, I can retake all of your givel medals or rosettes,


Adriano Martelli,




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  • Feelin danke Adriano Martelli. I am happy to be one of your friends. Thanks for waking us up. I have a private project taking all my time. I hope I finish it during the coming months. Can you visit my page and leave a comment there? Thanks again.

    • Oh, My Blue-boy friend dara...Thank you ,, I m also proud from being one of your friends, Ofcouse, If you allow me to visit your page, Yes, I can..Tomorrow or lates the end of the day I m going to leave a fascinating comment.. I sure you will love it....Have a nive weekend....!!!

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    • Shalom Jac.....Howdy ?... Thank you very repliying my letter...Yep, You are right...Have a nice weekend....

  • I agree when you mention nonsense topics and/or 'very very simple'... Here an example:



      Hello My Dear friends, I'm a very new member  of My EC,   In  this two or three days, I' was  honored with  two different veteran medals  from one…

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  • Hello Adriano, 

    I am happy to see that you wanna be a sincere learner here in EC, want to expose yourself to more productive discussions. 

    Before the chatroom used to be so populated and people would discuss topics.... SERIOUS topics. Eventually it would end up with fight and conflicts among members. 

    Afterwards, EC members were compelled to not to bring the topics which could inflate the heated environment and attack some people's traditions, culture and believes. Besides, politics also considered not much healthy topic to discuss here.


    • Thank you very much...


    • You are welcome, Adriano ! 

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