The First to Say Hi to


I hope that you're having a very good time.

Is it day or night at your place now? ha? Morning? Night? Afternoon? All of the above?

OK, OK! It's not the main question here.

When you wake up everyday in the morning, is there anybody around you? Mom? Dad? Spouse? Sister? Your lovely baby? Oh nice!

You're alone? OK.

Who is the first one that receives your "hi" and greetings in the morning or any other time you wake up?

You do not say hi to anyone when you just wake up? Oh! Even to yourself in the mirror?Oh!

Who is the special one that you desire him/her to be the first one who receives your hi?

Is it important to you who receives your very early hi of the day?

Do you care at all to say hi to people?

Why is it important to say hi to people?

Do you have the experience of saying hi to things? Your bag? Doll? Notebook? Pen? Pants? House? Oh! Do you really say hi to your car? Really? Oh!

I myself have the experience of writing a loud hi to my dear diary notebook! Weird? What?

Do you say hi to the sky or to the land? To your pets? To chanting birds? To your gorgeous plant or flower?

Do you give your early hi to the ugly black cat that usually walks around and crosses the street in the morning?

Do you say your early hi to your frowning boss? Oh, you said bus? The one you everyday take to work or school? Good then! 


OK. Whatever and whoever! Share with us who receives your first hi of the day?

Then you can tell us about the other hi's you give throughout the day and night! OK?


Done with questions.



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  • well .....early morning my first hi is to my best frnd sends through sms...

This reply was deleted.