The anger of nature

We are approaching the end of twenty-twenty-three, but nature seems angry. Look at the Hawaii volcano in Kilauea spurting or shooting lava fountains into the air. The earthquake in Morocco. And hurricane Daniel in Libya and other neighboring countries! I am not sure, whether it is our sins or not! Thousands of people died as a result of these natural disasters  

Could it be our destructive behaviors or our relationships with each other's? Two or three years ago, a pandemic struck us and we were locked inside our houses. Hurricane Daniel and the Moroccan earthquake forced us out of our homes. I am just wondering.  


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    • Haha, khaili mumnoon Esra, batashakur. We need you and the rest of the respected members to give us an idea about what happened and the reasons that led to it. Of course, your points of view matter.  Haha, thanks again.

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