Hello My Dearest pals, I hope you are all fine..

Recently, I was surfing on MyEC and one thing took my attention..It was the figure of the members of EC.. It was about 71.000 . Woow  great number !!!

 I think that ,those members were  collected in about 20 years...I've searched ,the most of the members are not active members at the moment...t

A.member is enrolling,but do not come to chat room and ,do not want to   write one blog or join in discussions,but sometimes listens pop,metal,underground music...Most of the members  do not show themselves on EC or most of them leave EC in a short time with no reason .  I call them as an useless heads..

Now ,the  true figure of the members  is about 71.100....About 90% of the members lost , but you can easly watch their faces on EC with their flamboyant suits.

I labeled them as a figurative members..

Active member figure is about not more than  50 heads, except Admin , mods and passed away members. .Moreover ,most of the members didn' pay their own annuanly revenues's sofar..  !!!!

This irresponsibility is a second problem for MyEC too.... !!


What do you think about this brief blackening

Why is  the active member head so inadequate for EC ?

what could be done  keep the members on EC ?


Am I right or no,? What are your opinion s? Could you share  with us ?


Thank You


Note  ; According to Mrs. Tara,  figure of the members of  MyEC is about 150.000... If I m not mistake...



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  • Ya sure know how to waste time.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor who cares gif

    • Thanks 4 your comment !.. Regards...

  •    A good topic  . Active members are few and I have noticed that from the very beginning of my registration in this site . Imagine how this place will be if many join the activities or the chatroom,  having real interactions with many people from different part of the world would beneficial  for us all  . 

        However  , I can attribute this to the lack of good English language  . Most of them are below the intermediate levels so , they can't communicate  well here  . Another reason is their lack of higher education and readings  . People with distute words and thoughts in their native language can't do it in a second language  they are learning . 

       Nevertheless  , the opportunity is in front of their eyes if they  want to as the famous saying state  " we can take a horse to the river but you can't force it to drink " 

        Learning any thing need a lot of passion,  diligence and prservence  . I can claim to have the first one I am passionate about English  but I am not that good studier at all and that is my problem 

        Thanks for opening this topic Adriano  :) 

    • I joinn you, and learning from you...Thank you very much...

  • forget about all that sh*t

    Here you just have to care about the only active clever Catwoman's head, aka Awesomegurl.


    • Oh, Dear, Wonderful, How great !! , I like the cats women  or men I never divide...Nice to meet you the Catwoman...

      and I thank you very much to see my blackwriting....Grazie mille...



  • Mmm....Does EC have any problem? Or...who cares about the number of active or not active members? There are many reasons why one can enter EC...not only chatting/blogging/commenting. There are so many other things why to log in here )))) 

    • Thank you very much...I've written your point  down....Probably, It has many  problems  why not ?....


      • It might have, indeed, but apart from being worried about inactive members or the ones who do not join the chat room, so-called "useless heads" (which, personally for me, is not an issue at all)...what other problems can you list?

        Thank you for your reply, Adriano.

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